GEMCO Adds New Keyence IM-Series Instant Measuring System

GEMCO Mfg. Co., Inc. continues our commitment to continually improve our Quality and Production capabilities. With the addition of a Keyence IM-Series Instant Measuring system, what used to take hours can now be accomplished in seconds, without subjective human interpretation.

The Keyence IM-6120 has been located centrally to the production floor and Quality Department for use by Quality inspectors, as well as tool setters and production operators. Parts can simply be placed on the staging platform, and with a press of the button up to 99 dimensional measurements, on as many parts as can fit on the stage, will be taken and automatically recorded in a data file in just 3 seconds. The equipment is easily programmed for individual parts and characteristics, including Z-plane focusing as needed, and can utilize magnification up to 2,000X.

Toolmakers are trained in its use as an aid in debugging new tooling to assure dimensional accuracy with First Article submissions. Tool setters are trained in its use to help them re-set tooling for subsequent production runs to the same dimensions as were found on previous production runs. Operators are trained in its use as an in-process inspection tool to quickly and reliably monitor production run dimensional stability. And, of course, the Quality Manager and his team of inspectors are trained in its use and in programming individual parts for monitoring.

Keeping up with technology, all of the data taken is stored electronically, backed up and archived for future reference, and is always available in an environmentally friendly paperless format. The program is very intuitive, user-friendly and speeds up all phases of inspection, especially in-process routines.

Gemco's customers have come to expect a high reliability of quality with every shipment – for over 70 years – and this expectation is simply going to be more easily met with the addition of the Keyence IM-6120.

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