Geartooth Sensor incorporates dual element Hall IC.

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Designed for ferrous target applications, true zero-speed, 3 wire ATS667LSG consists of Hall-Effect IC and samarium cobalt magnet configuration in single overmolded module. IC contains compensating circuit designed to eliminate detrimental effects of magnet and system offsets, and device package is lead free, with 100% matte tin lead frame plating. Device is intended for digital gear-tooth sensing applications within automotive market.

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Allegro MicroSystems Announces a New Three-Wire, True Zero-Speed, High-Accuracy, Gear-Tooth Sensor

Optimized, Magnetic Solution for Ferrous Target Applications

Worcester, MA - June 5, 2009 - Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announces a new true zero-speed gear tooth sensor consisting of an optimized Hall IC/magnet configuration in a single over molded module. The unique integrated circuit and package design provides a user-friendly solution for digital gear-tooth sensing applications within the automotive market. This small package can be easily assembled and used in conjunction with gears of various shapes and sizes.

Allegro's ATS667LSG incorporates a dual element Hall IC that switches in response to differential magnetic signals created by a ferrous target. The IC contains a sophisticated compensating circuit designed to eliminate the detrimental effects of magnet and system offsets. Digital processing of the analog signal provides zero speed performance independent of air gap and also dynamic adaptation of device performance to the typical operating conditions found in automotive applications (reduced vibration sensitivity). High-resolution peak detecting DACs and a bounded tracking algorithm are used to set the adaptive switching thresholds of the device. The adaptive hysteresis in the thresholds reduces the negative effects of any anomalies in the magnetic signal associated with the targets used in many automotive applications. The advanced signal processing is ideal for transmission applications providing vibration immunity in combination with large operating air gap capability.

Allegro's ATS667LSG is offered in the "SG" magnetically integrated package. The SG is a single step over-molded package, which consists of a samarium cobalt magnet and a Hall-Effect IC. This unique package offering simplifies the design-in process. It is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin lead frame plating. It is priced at $2.89 in quantities of 1,000 and has a 14-16 week lead-time to market.

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Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. is leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance power integrated circuits and integrated Hall-effect magnetic sensors. Allegro's innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the automotive, communications, computer/office automation, consumer and industrial markets. Allegro is headquartered in Worchester, Massachusetts (USA) with design and applications center located in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Further information about Allegro can be found at

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