Gear Drive offers zero backlash and 1 arc-min accuracy.

Press Release Summary:

Series CSD Size 32 flat, harmonic, gear drive is 22 mm long with 110 mm OD. It is offered in gear ratios of 50, 100, and 160:1. Drive features rated torque of 850 lb-in. and maximum torque of 3175 lb-in. It uses S tooth profile and provides ±5 arc-sec repeatability. Unit is suitable for robotics, factory automation, and aerospace applications.

Original Press Release:

New, Ultra Flat Harmonic Drive Gearing Components, Zero-Backlash, 1 arc-min Accuracy, +/- 5 arc-sec Repeatablilty Size 32

CSD Series Size 32, from HD Systems, delivers zero-backlash, 1 arc-min positional accuracy, and +/- 5 arc-sec Repeatability. The Size 32 has an outer diameter of 110mm and is just 22mm in length. It has a rated torque of 850 in-lbs and a maximum torque of 3175 in-lbs. The CSD Series is available in gear ratios 50, 100, and 160:1.

This revolutionary design is achieved by using HD Systems' patented "S" tooth profile. The CSD Series is ideal for many applications including robotics, factory automation, and aerospace. The design of the CSD component set allows the surrounding enclosure to be made very compact for additional size and weight savings while maintaining precise positioning and repeatability.

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