GE's Super High Flow Valox* Resins Help Fill Automotive Industry's Needs for Lighter Parts, Energy Savings, and Increased Part Consolidation

SOUTHFIELD, MICH. - December 7, 2006 - GE Plastics today announced the launch of Valox* Super High Flow resins, a family of glass- and mineral-filled polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) materials. Valox Super High Flow resins are aimed at helping automakers and tiers achieve thinner, larger parts with greater detail at lower injection pressures without sacrificing performance. The GE materials help address several key challenges. As gas prices increase, the automotive industry is seeking new technologies to produce thinner, lighter components for greater fuel efficiency. At the same time, automakers are increasingly combining multiple functions in the same component to save space so they can pack in extra features. Until now, manufacturers had few options for high-performance resins that could effectively fill thin-wall parts as well as produce detailed, consolidated components.

"Although these challenges appear unrelated, they are all about enhancing vehicle appeal by meeting the demands of today's consumers for greater fuel efficiency and added features," said Vikram Gopal, global crystalline program manager, GE Plastics. "Our new family of Super High Flow Valox resins allows automakers to design and mold parts that contribute to their competitive edge. An extra bonus of Valox Super High Flow resins is their potential to reduce system costs in several ways."

More than Double the Flow for Thinner Walls and Greater Processing Efficiency

Valox Super High Flow resins surpass other glass- and mineral-filled, high-viscosity resins in their ability to mold thin-wall parts with lower injection pressure. Traditional materials often cause short shots and rejects because the machine cannot deliver sufficient pressure for complete mold filling. The excellent flow characteristics of the new GE grades - which achieved more than double the flow of existing PBT resins in spiral flow tests - make them excellent candidates for such parts as power distribution boxes, high pin density connectors, and HVAC vanes, whose significant length and thinness can challenge other materials. Further, the new Super High Flow products reduce peak filling pressure by more than 25 to 30 percent over similar conventional grades.

A second benefit of Super High Flow Valox resins is the ability to help reduce cycle times and system costs by increasing the number of mold cavities that can be filled in a single shot. Furthermore, the GE resin provides customers with an option to lower melt and mold temperature in existing tools thereby saving energy.

Improved Molding Detail Enables Part Consolidation

Combining multiple functions into a single, complicated part, such as a high-pin-density electrical connector, is easier with Valox Super High Flow resins. Their enhanced flow helps ensure complete filling of even the most detailed molds. Further, the high dielectric strength and excellent chemical and heat resistance of these new materials makes them an excellent material choice for a variety of under-hood, electrical, and large part applications.

The new materials are available in a wide range of glass reinforcement levels. Flame-retardant and hydrostable grades of Valox Super High Flow resin are also available.

For more information on GE's Valox resin family please visit GE Plastics' website at or click here.

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