GE Inspection Technologies Enters Agreement with Tecnatom S.A.

Billerica, Mass -July 17, 2007. Today, GE Inspection Technologies has
entered into an agreement with Tecnatom S.A. for the commercialization of eddy current data acquisition systems and software. Tecnatom, an engineering company, provides services to the nuclear industry, with a special focus on inspection and component structural integrity services.

This agreement gives GE Inspection Technologies the exclusive right to sell the digital eddy current system developed by Tecnatom, called TEDDY+. The system includes hardware and software packages for balance of plant and eddy current arrays. Tecnatom will continue to serve customers with this technology for nuclear steam generator applications.

Eddy Current is a non-destructive testing technique for surface examinations commonly applied to inspect the interior surface of tubes in the power generation and oil & gas industries, in addition to various applications in materials testing and sorting, weld inspection and large surface area scanning for corrosion or defects.

"We are very excited to work with Tecnatom," said Jeff Anderson, Product Line General Manager for GE Inspection Technologies. "The agreement will enable us to provide our customers with complete eddy current solutions through new platform technologies."

The TEDDY+ system is mature and robust eddy current product line with more than 20 years of accumulated Tecnatom development. It is intended for a wide range of applications, ranging from the inspection of general surfaces to the inspection of massive tube bundles, thus covering a wide variety industrial sectors.

The relationship with Tecnatom allows GE Inspection Technologies to provide the eddy current ID tubing inspection market with state-of-the-art systems
and software. GE Inspection Technologies also intends to utilize this
technology to develop eddy current array applications in the power generation, aerospace, oil & gas and transportation markets.

About GE Inspection Technologies

GE Inspection Technologies is a leading innovator in technology-driven inspection solutions that deliver productivity, quality and safety to our customers. The company designs, manufactures and services radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual inspection and eddy current equipment to inspect, monitor and test materials and equipment without disassembly, deforming or damaging them. Its products are used in a wide range of industries, including Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Process and Automotive. The company has 11 application centers around the globe and offers a range of services including repair, on-site RVI inspection services, calibration, training and upgrades. GE Inspection Technologies has 1,300 employees at more than
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