GE Fanuc Automation Features Innovative Industry-Leading CNC/Servo Technology at IMTS 2006

Impressive Demonstrations of New CNC and Servo Products Highlight "Changing The Game" Theme Enabling Competitive Advantage for Manufacturers

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. September 6, 2006 - GE Fanuc Automation, a unit of GE Industrial and the leading supplier of computer numerical controls (CNC) and related products, will be showcasing hardware, software and machine tool productivity solutions at this year's IMTS 2006 conference September 6 - 13, 2006 at the McCormick Center in Chicago. The booth, #A-8418, will contain impressive groupings of new product demonstrations from GE Fanuc, FANUC LTD, and FANUC Robotics including GE Fanuc's next generation of CNC products - the Series 0i-C, the 16/18/21i, the Power Mate i, and the 30/31/32i - and servo technology.

GE Fanuc has selected "Changing the Game" as its booth theme this year. "Our technology, productivity solutions and customer service enable manufacturers to win through partnering with GE Fanuc in what is an extremely competitive market," said Tomoaki Ishibe, Executive Vice President of GE Fanuc Automation's CNC division. "Changing the Game demonstrates the competitive advantage we provide to our customers around the world. GE Fanuc's plant-wide products, both software and hardware, allow companies to improve efficiency, control costs and reduce waste."

CNC Demonstrations

The GE Fanuc booth features CNC demonstrations for all three next generation products to improve part quality, provide faster cycle times, and increase Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Series 0i/0i Mate Model C - GE Fanuc's best value CNC system comes standard with high performance productivity features. Demonstrations at the booth include high speed and accuracy with easy setup using the popular Machine Condition Select; ease of setup and maintenance with the new Parameter Setting for the 0i Model C; ease of programming and setup with the new Turn-Mate i, and the very popular Manual Guide i. These demonstrations show how easy it is to describe the features of a part and then cut the part without knowing G-Code programming; ease of maintenance with Servo Guide on the 0i-C that includes smart parameter optimization; and improved maintenance with the new hardware design of Series 0i-C CNC hardware and Bi Amplifier.

16i/18i/21i Model B - This high speed and high precision nano CNC demonstrates established performance for a wide variety of machine tools. Displays in the booth include: new "Manual Guide i" enhancements that improve Part Program and Tool management; the new Automatic Tool Nose Radius Compensation for turning applications to reduce programming errors; the new High Speed Program Check Function to reduce Part Program testing time and part setup; and Reverse Motion Function for Restart to reduce scrap and tooling damage.

Series 30i/31i/32i Model A - Multi-axis, multi-path nano CNC specifically for advanced and complex machines. Demonstrations in this area are: the new 3-D Interference Check -- for both Open System and Conventional CNCs to ensure safe operation of the machine, reduce scrap, and reduce tooling costs; new Compound Machining features in the 30i make programming and setup easier for multi-process machines that can do milling and turning; a new innovative solution for CAM Grinding and Press machines with the new Path Table Operation feature; and ensure safe operation of the machine with GE Fanuc's easy to apply Dual Check Safety.

High Speed/High Accuracy Machining - There are many demonstrations throughout the GE Fanuc booth of high speed and high accuracy machining. Some of the most important demos on display highlighting this technology include: Machine Condition Select to improve part cycle time while maintaining part accuracy; Nano Smoothing provides similar speeds and accuracy as NURBS interpolation without the requirement of expensive NURBS CAM software; Advanced Motor Technologies like HRV4 provide the fastest servo loop timing available; and Learning Control for Rigid Tapping permits the servo system to learn and compensate for servo errors that result in higher speed tapping.

PC Tools - Imagine having the tools available on your desk to check out a part program or test a parameter change at your desk without having to go down to the shop floor and without having a CNC control in your office. We will have demonstrations of many new simulator software packages that run on a PC; Manual Guide i Simulator, 30i CNC Simulator, 30i PMC simulator, and a combined simulator called NC Guide and NC Guide Pro are all new software tools. There are also many other PC tools shown in the booth to assist in the CNC development required for the machine tool systems like FANUC Picture, CNC Setting Tool" and Customize Assist - all new solutions to make it easier to apply a FANUC based CNC. End user service, maintenance, training, programming, and engineering departments, MTBs and distributors will be interested to see how these tools can help them be more efficient.

5-Axis Technology

GE Fanuc is an innovative CNC leader of 5-Axis Technology development in the Aerospace and Die/Mold markets. Because of the importance of, and focus on, 5-Axis Machining in the industry today, GE Fanuc will be demonstrating High Performance and 5-Axis capabilities that have been developed on GE Fanuc CNCs to make programming and operation easier.

GE Fanuc continues to make enhancements that increase the OEE of complex 5-Axis machine tools and will demonstrate some of these at IMTS showing manufacturers how these features can be used to simplify the programming, setup, performance, and accuracy of a 5 -Axis Milling machine including:
o A new HMI for easy setup of a large part on a 5 Axis machine is demonstrated with the enhancements made to Tilted Working Plane Command;
o Achieve the same accuracy and speed of NURBS interpolation without the complexity of the CAM for 5-Axis NURBS with GE Fanuc's new 5 Axis Nano Smoothing called Nano Smoothing 2;
o And a new HMI for ease of setup for a 5-Axis part programmed with Nano Smoothing 2.


GE Fanuc provides a full line of products and solutions to help bring down retrofit costs. GE Fanuc's next generation of CNC products, our advanced servo technology and additional retrofit products will all be shown in the booth:
o Mitutoyo Linear scales for improving machine accuracy and repeatability
o Zero-Max Servo/Spindle Couplings line of high performance, low inertia couplers pre-selected for GE Fanuc's servo and spindle motors
o Bayside Helical Gearheads
o GE Fanuc's i-Adapt to provide adaptive control of the machining process.

FANUC Servo Technology

GE Fanuc will be displaying a wide range of servo solutions to meet the needs of various factory automation equipment users.

Linear motors (LiS) and direct drive rotary motors (DiS) - An extensive line-up of linear motors (LiS) and direct drive rotary motors (DiS) will be displayed at IMTS 2006. The high speeds and high dynamic response of FANUC built-in motors will enable the machine tool builder to achieve performance unheard of a couple years ago. Improvements to the protection of FANUC linear motors and an increased line-up of built-in servos broaden the applications these motors.

Built in Spindles - With an industry-wide trend toward high speed machining FANUC offers a wide range of built-in spindles to complement the linear and direct drive servos. Spindle motors featuring Twin-Drive technology up to 150KW (200HP) at 20,000RPM will be displayed for aerospace machining along with optimized orientation and learning control features to reduce error and increase productivity.

PC Based Servo-Tuning - Increased requirements for precision and the need to get the most out of the servo system has spurred the need for optimized servo tuning using PC-based software. Displays include servo-tuning techniques using FANUC Servo Guide with advanced feedback technology that learns and corrects for encoder cyclic error during operation and machine-mounted accelerometers that correct for machine vibration in real time.

Large Motor Technology - For general industrial machines there has been a shift from hydraulic systems to servo driven electric. FANUC offers a complete line of ultra large synchronous servo motors for the servo press and injection molding market. These ultra large servo motors feature the latest internal permanent magnet designs with optimize core structure. The largest of the series, the AiS 3000/2000HV, utilizes a Quattro amplifier drive to output an astonishing 530KW (over 700 horsepower) peak. In addition to the line up of large servo motors FANUC will be demonstrating control systems for the industrial machine market including a pressure/position controller that is a perfect match for metal forming, die cushion or pin fitting applications.

Drive Amplifiers - Completing FANUC's servo technology is a new series of drive amplifiers. The Level-Up series features increased power output, reduced heat generation and DC-Link voltage feedback to the control system. The unique DC-Link feedback function dynamically optimizes the current gain based on the true input voltage. These features allow for increases in motor output while utilizing the same size motor.

This impressive and diverse display of CNC and Servo technology marks the 20-year anniversary of the joint venture with GE Fanuc's technology partner, FANUC LTD, GE Fanuc plans to demonstrate its solid platform of experience, growth, cooperation and collaboration with FANUC LTD and FANUC Robotics through this all encompassing demonstration of manufacturing technology.

About GE Fanuc Automation
GE Fanuc Automation, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan, delivers automation hardware and software designed to help users reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance profitability. With solutions and services catering to virtually every industrial segment, GE Fanuc Automation provides a diverse array of capabilities and products, including controllers, embedded systems, advanced software, motion control, CNCs, operator interfaces, industrial computers, and lasers. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, GE Fanuc Automation is a part of GE Industrial and combines the diverse global strengths of the GE family with the local presence customers need to design, develop and maintain their automation investments.

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