GC/MS System detects low levels of dioxins and furans.

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Helping governmental, industrial, and commercial laboratories meet strict US EPA and EU directives, DFS High Resolution GC/MS System performs precise confirmation analyses of dioxins and furans in low femtogram range. Two Trace GC Ultras(TM) and TriPlus(TM) Autosampler achieve low LOQs, enabling rapid sample preparation. System features Multiple Ion Detection, which allows scan-to-scan monitoring and can be adapted to suit different application needs.

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Thermo's High Resolution GC/MS System Satisfies Regulatory Requirements for Low Detection Limits of Dioxins and Furans

Bremen, Germany (October 27, 2006) - Thermo Electron Corporation, world leader in analytical instrumentation, announces that its new DFS High Resolution GC/MS system is capable of performing precise and reliable confirmation analyses of dioxins and furans in the low femtogram range. The system helps governmental, industrial and commercial laboratories conducting environmental monitoring analyses comply with the new strict US EPA and EU directives. These regulations call for lower detection limits for dioxins and furans in food, environmental and biological samples in order to meet ever decreasing exposure levels.

The recently introduced directives require limits of quantitation (LOQ) for dioxin confirmation to be 80% lower than the lowest reported level in the regulation. Thermo's DFS High Resolution GC/MS system with two Trace GC Ultras(TM) and a TriPlus(TM) Autosampler achieves the lowest LOQs, thus enabling rapid sample preparation, higher sample throughput and less cost per sample. Moreover, the significantly reduced energy consumption lowers the cost of ownership even further.

Thermo's DFS High Resolution GC/MS system features Multiple Ion Detection (MID) allowing scan-to-scan monitoring with utmost precision while it can be adapted to suit different application needs. Being extremely reliable, sensitive and robust, the DFS High Resolution GC/MS system can successfully analyze even the most difficult samples with heavy matrix effects.

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