Gauging Sensor Head suits limited work envelopes.

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Based on laser triangulation, Selcom® SLS 2401 offers stand-off distance of 1.97 or 3.15 in., depending on model, measuring range of 0.8 or 3.15 in., and spot size of 0.002 or 0.004 in. Class IIIb and optional Class II and Class 3R PSD-based unit features microprocessor-based Fast Light Control Circuit, which reacts in less than 8 µs for error-free measurements up to 16,000 times/sec. It includes 16 kHz sampling rate as well as RS232, RS422, and high-speed RS-422 digital outputs.

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Industrial Laser Sensor Head from LMI Technologies Suited for Accurate Measurement in Limited Work Envelopes

Contact: Mike Snow
(770) 888-6586
For Immediate Release
August, 2004

DETROIT, Michigan - A single point industrial gauging sensor head designed for industrial applications with a limited work envelope requiring a faster sampling rate, higher resolution and higher speed profiles is available from LMI Technologies (USA), Inc.

Based on the principle of laser triangulation, the Class IIIb and optional Class II and Class 3R high speed PSD-based Selcom® SLS 2401 from LMI Technologies has a visible laser diode for easy set up and safety and a rugged design for harsh industrial environments. The IEC standard 60825-1, Class 3R allows a maximum laser power of 5mW and assumes all Class 2 regulations as long as the wavelength is between 400-700nm. This eliminates the need for a Laser Safety Officer and only requires basic training for all operators and maintenance personnel.

Applications include quality inspection and production control, in-line thickness measurement and profiling, width measurement, production line behavior versus speed, inspection of the finished product plus a variety of other industrial applications.

The Selcom® SLS 2401 sensor head has a stand-off distance of 50 mm (1.97 in) or 80 mm (3.15 in.), depending on the model selected and a measuring range of 20 mm (0.8 in) or 50 mm (3.15 in.). Accuracy is +/- 0.1 of the measurement range and band width (response) is 2 kHz.

The extremely small spot size of 0.055 mm (0.002 in.) or 0.090 mm (0.004 in.) is ideal for use in confined, problematic applications.

The sensor's patented microprocessor based "Fast Light Control Circuit" reacts in less than 8 microseconds to compensate for and accurately measure varying surfaces without regard to ambient light changes, surface texture, color, the slope of target, steep angles, silicon content, speed, temperature of material or other general plant conditions.

This characteristic allows the sensor to make virtually error-free measurement with total reliability and repeatability up to 16,000 times a second and prevent costly rejects or recalls because of inaccurate measurement.

Due to its integrated electronics, the sensor has a built-in processor for data averaging and filtering that easily interfaces with any data acquisition system of your choice. LMI Technologies can even develop specialized filters and algorithms called "software inside" to customize applications and eliminate more expensive PLC's and PC software integration.

The LMI 2401 sensor has the same benefits of the larger SLS 5000
sensor. These benefits include a fast 16 kHz sampling rate that provides unmatched data acquisition interface and control. Digital outputs of RS232, RS422, High Speed RS-422 (16kHz data rate) and a 16 kHz four wire Selcom Protocol also allow internal sensor programming of measurement units, protocol
type, interference, sample per average, valid threshold percent and analog hold on invalid. The unit comes 0-20mA, or 4-20mA analog output as well.

Dimensions of the sensor head are 40 mm (1.57 in.) wide by 50 mm (1.97 in) high by 80 mm (3.15 in.) long. Weight is 250 g (0.5 lb). Both the sensor head and SLS controller are factory calibrated before delivery for optimal performance.

"The Selcom® SLS 2401 sensor provides an alternative to less accurate touch probe systems, capacitance sensors and mechanical followers," noted Mike Snow, Regional Sales Manager for LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. "Its flexibility, ease of use, rugged sensor housing and fast sampling rate make it especially appealing to industrial applications in a small work envelope without any loss in productivity or accuracy."

LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. is part of LMI Technologies, Inc., a world leader of laser-based machine vision sensors for process optimization and control in various industries. The company has more than 40 vision and laser sensor models and over 100 issued and pending patents. LMI sensors can be custom-designed for OEM applications.

For more information on LMI Technologies' Selcom® SLS 2401 or any other of the company's more than 40 other laser measurement sensors, contact LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. at 21455 Melrose Ave., Suite 22, Southfield, MI 48075 or call (248) 359-2409, FAX (248) 355-3283 or E-Mail
LMI is on the internet at

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