Gauge provides single-spindle machining diagnostics.

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Based on TMS LanSharc(TM) Smart Digital Controller, ePIG(TM) (cutting Energy Process Integrity Gauge) uses statistical vibration analysis to alert machine operators of change in single spindle machine's condition. It runs constant diagnostics during cutting, milling, drilling, and boring without interrupting flow of production. Using non-intrusive vibration sensor, ePIG analyzes cutting energy during machining cycle and ambient rotating energy while machine idles.

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Single-Spindle Machining Diagnostics Affordable with ePIG(TM) (Cutting Energy Process Integrity Gauge) from the Modal Shop Inc.

CINCINNATI, OH (January 27, 2003)- The ePIG(TM) (cutting energy Process Integrity Gauge) system, based on the TMS LanSharc(TM) hardware platform, is a universal, easy-to-use process quality monitor, which uses statistical vibration analysis to alert machine operators of a change in a single spindle machine's operating condition. The smart system saves manufacturers time and money by running constant diagnostics during cutting, milling, drilling and boring operations without interrupting the flow of production, and can help detect problems in parts that might otherwise go to customers unchecked.

Using a simple, non-intrusive vibration sensor, the ePIG "black box" excels on single spindle transfer line machines to analyze both the cutting energy during a machining cycle and also the ambient rotating energy while the machine idles. A process alarm signals when anything significantly out of the ordinary is found that can indicate part quality problems, such as broken inserts, missing operations, or hardened parts.

The vibration sensor used for the dynamic process gauging can also supply indications of machinery health (spindle degradation or loose slides and gibs), saving the costs and inconvenience associated with sporadic "walk-around" vibration measurement. With ePIG, machinery health monitoring is simple, non-intrusive, and cost-effective.

During machining, the trend of a simplified "integrity indicator" value provides a clear metric for monitoring a significant change in the manufacturing process. To determine what caused the change in the process, the integrity indicator trend can be analyzed at either the machine by downloading data to a PC, or by remotely addressing the ePIG system over Ethernet. By using variances from the expected results, ePIG can
also accommodate processes with evolving cutting energy levels, such as those with tool wear and tool change, without false alarming.

The ePIG system can be used for single spindle operations such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, and grinding and dynamic part gauging. It is also useful for improving part quality, reducing tooling costs, minimizing scrap and rework, preventing
catastrophic failures, and improving future line installation design.

ePIG utilizes the LanSharc Smart Digital Controller, a highly programmable and configurable platform for advanced machine process vibration applications development and deployment. The LanSharc is designed for applications that monitor critical part
qu lity or protect critical process machinery and systems from either failure or degradation. As such, it combines the latest in analog to digital conversion, digital signal processing technology and abundant memory with network communications resources. In addition to the ePIG application, THE MODAL SHOP INC. also offers the NDT-RAM(TM) (Non-Destructive Testing using the Resonant Acoustic Method) for affordable, 100% parts inspection in a production environment, and the BEAR(TM) (Band Energy
Alert/Recorder) system for machinery health maintenance of basic rotating machinery.

For more information about all the ways the ePIG system can benefit your operations, visit our website or contact THE MODAL SHOP INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet: (800) 860-4867, Fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail

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