Gateway helps control and optimize network deployment.

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Mobile Internet Gateway provides mobile operators with scalable service- and network-aware policy switch. Scalable application delivery model enables real-time classification of on/offnet traffic and partner sites, which aids effective service optimization and reduces implementation complexities of mobile back-end resources. It also promotes monetization of network for flexible introduction of new service delivery models and supports new billing policies.

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Radware Enables Mobile Service Providers to Control and Optimize Network and Service Deployments

Radware's new Mobile Internet Gateway Reduces Total Cost of Ownership Today, and Ensures Deeper Network Visibility for Advanced Revenue-Generating Services, Tomorrow

BARCELONA, (GSMA Mobile World Congress Hall 1, Stand 1D01), February 17 -- Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), the leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, introduced today a new version of its Mobile Internet Gateway, a scalable service- and network-aware policy switch for flexible and profitable service introduction.

The Mobile Internet Gateway provides mobile operators a tailor-made, pay-as-you-grow scalable application delivery model; enabling improved real-time classification of on/offnet traffic and partner sites for effective service factory optimization and reduced implementation complexities of mobile back-end resources, while enhancing further monetization of the network for flexible and effective introduction of new service delivery models (SDP) and support new billing policies.

As end-users continue to leverage the mobile Internet for real-time access to next-generation applications and services, mobile operators will require stricter transactional-level management and network insight to ensure optimal quality of experience (QoE). The Mobile Internet Gateway provides an evolutionary path to intelligent service management - when the operator needs it - through increased control over mobile traffic by adding "dynamic awareness" of user status and 3GPP attributes gained through the operator's authentication, authorization and accounting AAA (RADIUS), enabling high speed header enrichments and modifications. These in turn help gain deeper network intelligence and visibility at the microflow level and allow for new ways to optimize and introduce new services in an effective manner resulting in dramatic reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as new ways to increase the ARPU.

By aligning high speed header enrichments and modifications, Radware's Mobile Internet Gateway will enable service factory optimization by utilizing new "smart" dynamic flow redirection and offloading techniques to reduce the number of servers and optimize service delivery. It will enhance service-level management, optimize and adjust the number of service proxies resulting in better alignment of network and service resources and improved user QoE. Various optimization models such as effective bypass WAP GW for major cost reductions, parental control and more, can be archived by segregation of on/offnet traffic and partner sites, and utilization of high speed header enrichment and modifications.

Operators can also deploy additional mobile front-end capabilities such as modem acceleration (WTCP optimization, caching, image reduction and compression) to better utilize the radio access network bandwidth and servers available, further enhancing network performance.

"Focused on mobile operator investment protection, our goal is to deliver an intelligent service management path that opens the door to new revenue-generating mobile service opportunities," said David Aviv, Vice President, Advanced Service, Radware. "By deploying our Mobile Internet Gateway mobile operators will be able to advance their back-end datacenters to serve business requirements and ensure long-term cost reductions."

Radware's Mobile Internet Gateway can be deployed transparently in the network, requiring no routing modifications. This simplifies implementation complexities through new capabilities of header enrichments, to improve the time-to-market required to build new mobile combinational Internet and "Walled Garden" value added services.

David Aviv continued, "Enhancing business-resource alignment through added network visibility, control and optimization is critical for future network monetization. Radware's opportunity is to offer its Mobile Internet Gateway as the transitional tool that can help operators evolve their networks from a traditional 'dumb' pipe into an intelligent, services-rich revenue-generation vehicle."

Radware's Mobile Internet Gateway is part of the company's Business-Smart Data Center initiative, based on an approach that offers a range of innovative capabilities inclusive of pay-as-you-grow procurement models, state of the art on demand platforms, real-time behavioral security and the alignment of network behavior based on business events.

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