Gateway extends high-speed database to SQL applications.

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Adabas SQL Gateway allows standard SQL applications, such as Microsoft® Office, to access data stored in Adabas. Through gateway, users utilize SQL reporting tools such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports, or Excel spreadsheets to access data. Gateway reduces information requests from business users to their organization's IT department by enabling independent query to database.

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Software AG Extends its High-Speed Database to SQL Applications

New Adabas SQL Gateway allows standard SQL applications, such as Microsoft® Office, to quickly and easily access data stored in Adabas

RESTON, March 8, 2004 - Software AG, Inc., an expert in world-class enterprise modernization and information integration, today announced the availability of its new Adabas SQL Gateway. The gateway extends the reach of the company's high-speed database, called Adabas, to the business user's desktop by enabling standard SQL applications such as Microsoft Office to quickly and easily access Adabas data.

Through the Adabas SQL Gateway, Software AG's Adabas customers will be able to boost productivity by accessing data directly from Adabas through popular PC-based SQL reporting tools such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports or Excel spreadsheets. Previously, data needed to be sent from Adabas to another application, such as a data warehouse, before it could be accessed by SQL desktop applications. The new gateway is designed to reduce information requests from business users to their organization's IT department by enabling authorized users to query Adabas data on their own.

"One of Software AG's most important initiatives is to help our customers unlock the data stored in their Adabas systems and make that information more accessible and useful to the business organizations they serve," said Joe Gentry, vice president of Enterprise Transaction Systems for Software AG. "Our Adabas SQL Gateway empowers the business decision maker by creating the potential for rapid and direct access to vital information residing in Adabas."

Software AG has partnered with Redmond, Washington-based CONNX Solutions to provide technology for the Adabas SQL Gateway. CONNX is a leading provider of data access and integration software solutions that allow users to directly access vital enterprise data from DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, VSAM, and many other disparate data sources.

Software AG's Adabas SQL Gateway is scheduled to ship in 2Q 2004. The initial release of the product will support Adabas on IBM OS/390 and z/OS platforms, as well as Adabas for Windows.

About CONNX Solutions

CONNX provides businesses secure read/write real-time access to all enterprise data from any platform as if all the data existed in one relational database. This technology has been referred to as a "federated database", or a "virtual database". All data is then accessible using standard ANSI SQL and any standards-based application. CONNX acts as a reusable data access framework for projects throughout the enterprise. CONNX supports Microsoft SQL Server (on all platforms); Sybase (on all platforms); Informix (on all platforms); C-ISAM (on Linux, AIX, Sun, Solaris, SCO, and Windows operating systems); IBM VSAM (on z/OS, OS/390, MVS, and VSE platforms); IBM DB2 (on all platforms); Oracle (on all platforms); RMS, Rdb and Codasyl DBMS (on OpenVMS and VMS platforms); PostGreSQL (on all platforms); Dataflex; POWERflex; and any OLE DB, ODBC, JDBC, or .NET data source. CONNX can be found in many countries and on the World Wide Web at

About Software AG, Inc.

Based in Reston, Va., Software AG, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. Founded in 1969, Software AG continues to be Europe's largest and a leading global provider of system software and services enabling enterprise data integration and management. Software AG's products control the central IT processes of thousands of renowned companies worldwide including Lufthansa, Siemens, Citibank, Merck, DaimlerChrysler, Sony, BP and Telefonica. Software AG develops products and solutions that support the XML (Extensible Markup Language) standard. XML simplifies the exchange of documents and data as well as the integration of cutting-edge Web applications into traditional IT architectures. In 2003, the corporation achieved 422 million euros in total revenue. Software AG has representation in 59 countries worldwide, and currently employs a staff of approximately 2,600.

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