Gates Alternator Pulley Enhances Engine Efficiency

Alternator Decoupler Pulley Reduces Noise and Vibration; Synchronizes Belt Drive System for Improved Vehicle Performance.

DENVER, CO - Gates Corporation today announced the availability of Gates Alternator Decoupler Pulleys (ADP) for the Automotive Aftermarket that will allow technicians to repair vehicles equipped with these unique pulleys. Replacing the pulley eliminates the need to replace the entire alternator when just the pulley has failed. Substituting a Solid Pulley on an alternator that is originally equipped with and ADP will compromise the performance of the entire Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS). Consequently, it's critically important that technicians identify and replace the proper pulley.

"According to industry estimates, more than 20 million vehicles globally are now equipped with ADP's and the number is growing every day," said Louise Walker, ABDS Product Manager for Gates. "ADP's can fail between 50,000 to 60,000 miles. As a result, alternator pulleys should be inspected at these recommended service intervals to ensure optimal performance of each accessory and avoid unnecessary repair costs. Gates ADP's use a patented design and are manufactured by the Original Equipment supplier, ensuring each part is exactly what came on the vehicle from the factory."

An ADP is much more technologically advanced than other pulleys because it features an internal spring and clutch system that absorbs engine vibration. The performance improvements and longevity benefits include longer life of all the ABDS components, smoother operation and improved engine efficiency.

Under normal operation, engine speeds are changing constantly due to transmission shifts, hard accelerations, braking and engine shut-off. When engine speed slows, the serpentine belt must act to slow the alternator. This braking effect places extreme stress on the belt and other components, resulting in noise, vibration, steering-wheel shudder and increased wear on the belt and other components. The ADP eliminates these problems by disengaging the alternator. When the alternator has slowed sufficiently, it re-engages the belt without shock and increased load.

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