Gasket Remover is free of methylene chloride.

Press Release Summary:

Chisel® MC-FREE strips off all forms of gaskets and gasket adhesives from metal without damaging machine surfaces. Aerosol spray liquid penetrates and cleans using foaming action to lift off baked-on gaskets, gasket cements, and formed-in-place gaskets (including RTV silicone and anaerobic materials). It also removes built-up carbon deposits, baked-on grease and dried oil deposits, grease, and paint.

Original Press Release:

New Gasket Remover is Free of Methylene Chloride

ROCKY HILL, Conn. (June 14, 2002) - Loctite Corporation has introduced a convenient spray that effectively removes all forms of gaskets and gasket adhesives with a non-methylene chloride formulation.

Loctite® Chisel® MC-FREE Gasket Remover helps strip off gaskets and gasketing materials from any type of metal in minutes. The aerosol spray liquid penetrates and cleans intricate shapes and uses a foaming action to lift off baked-on gaskets, gasket cements and formed-in-place gaskets, including RTV silicone and anaerobic materials.

"Our customers can expect the same performance out of Chisel® MC-FREE as they did from the original," explains Mario Aguilar, MRO technical coordinator for Loctite. "Although it was developed as an alternative to gasket removers containing methylene chloride, it removes all forms of gasketing materials more effectively than some of those products."

In addition to gasket materials, Chisel® MC-FREE can effectively remove built-up carbon deposits from interior engine surfaces, baked-on grease and dried oil deposits, grease and paint from metal surfaces. It can also be used to remove paint and varnish from delicate or carved wood surfaces without scraping or damaging.

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