Gas Regulator passes ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test.

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Featuring SLAM(TM) technology, Victor® Professional Edge(TM) Series is capable of absorbing 5,000 lb-force of impact energy. Feature is built into adjusting knob, creating multi-stage crumple zone, which slows velocity and minimizes force of impact in event of cylinder accident. Gauge graphics and color-coded knobs facilitate gas identification, while user-friendly angle enables natural hand/body positioning while adjusting delivery pressure.

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Victor® Professional Edge(TM) Series Regulator

Welcome to Life on the Edge

St. Louis, MO (August 3, 2009) - Thermadyne is pleased to present the Victor® Professional Edge(TM) Series regulator which will be launched in September 2009 at the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) annual convention in San Antonio. The Edge is the most advanced regulator introduced to the market in 100 years. The Edge was designed after looking at massive amounts of customer feedback to determine the common problems, tendencies and irritations of traditional gas regulators. The result is a regulator good enough to be called Victor Professional. The result is the Edge.

The Edge is more than just safe. It's Victor Safe. Victor has been a leader in gas equipment since its humble beginnings. Victor was founded on the principle of offering the safest, most reliable and highest quality gas equipment in the business, and continues this tradition with the introduction of patented-pending SLAM(TM) technology. Capable of absorbing 5,000 pound-force of impact energy, this unique feature is built into the adjusting knob creating a multi-stage crumple zone. This zone slows velocity and reduces the force of impact in the event of a cylinder accident.

The Edge is easy to use. Everything from improved gauge graphics and color coded knobs for better gas identification to a user friendly angle for a more natural hand/body positioning while adjusting delivery pressures have been incorporated into this innovative design. It is easy to determine the type of gas (oxygen, acetylene, inert gas, L.P. gas) at a glance - indoors or outdoors, up close or far away - for improved safety and better cylinder management.

The Edge delivers outstanding flow control. A regulator needs to perform well across the entire range of cylinder pressures. It's easy for a regulator to maintain good flow performance when inlet pressures are high, but cylinder pressure decay is inevitable. The Edge outperforms competitors at both high and low inlet pressures.

The Edge features a patent-pending design. The advanced design is 40% more compact. The Edge is lighter and more durable. It meets or exceeds industry standards like the CGA E-4 heated oxygen impact test and the UL 252 standard for compressed gas regulators. Most impressively, the Edge passes the stringent ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test.

"It has been many years since there has been any significant improvement in the regulator industry, and we felt it was past due," said Bob Boyer, Victor's Principal Engineer for Gas Equipment. "The result of our efforts has surpassed even our own expectations, offering the industry a new benchmark for regulator design, user-friendliness, outstanding performance, and unsurpassed safety."

The new Professional Edge Series Regulator is only available from Victor.

Victor®, a world leader in the gas cutting and welding industries, was founded in 1913 by L.W. Stettner, a welder who suffered the loss of an eye from a welding accident and set out to design and build better, safer welding products. Victor produces oxy-fuel welding and cutting apparatus, torch handles, cutting attachments, straight cutting torches, regulators, cutting tips, welding nozzles, and cutting and welding outfits and other accessories and components. These products cover the full range of needs from general industrial to heavy duty mill and foundry requirements. Victor's gas equipment line is the most complete selection offered from any manufacturer and the only one offering users the (patented) safety benefit of built-in flashback arrestors and reverse flow check valves.

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Thermadyne Industries, Inc. is owned by Thermadyne Holdings Corporation. Thermadyne Holdings, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of metal cutting and welding products and accessories under a variety of leading premium brand names including Victor®, Tweco®, Arcair®, Thermal Dynamics®, Thermal Arc®, Stoody®, TurboTorch®, Firepower® and CIGWELD®. Its common shares trade under the symbol THMD. For more information about Thermadyne, its products and services, visit the company's web site at

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