Gas Regulator eliminates surge, lowers shielding gas use.

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Designed for high-pressure/liquid cylinder or pipeline use, tamper-proof Gas-Saver regulator lets user remove key after appropriate flow rate is set to control process quality. Non-compensated flowmeter accurately displays gas flow rate, even when coupled regulator is adjusted to as low as 3 or 4 psi. This minimizes static pressure buildup in hose that would otherwise lead to surges, reducing weld defects and minimizing shielding gas usage.

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New Gas-Saver Regulator Eliminates Surge, Lowers Shielding Gas Costs

Tamper-Resistant Feature Reduces Excess Gas Usage and Weld Defects;

September 25, 2006 - Virginia Beach, VA - CONCOA has expanded its established line of Gas-Saver regulators with a tamper-resistant feature that eliminates gas surge, reduces weld defects, and lowers shielding gas usage/costs. Simple yet powerful Gas-Saver Wizard analysis software, available at determines savings, which can amount to payback of 20 percent.

Designed for high-pressure/liquid cylinder or pipeline use, the new tamper-proof Gas-Saver regulator enables the user to remove the key after the appropriate flow rate is set, in order to control process quality. Such capability eliminates inadvertent process tampering that can lead to excess gas usage and weld defects.

CONCOA's Gas-Saver regulator reduces excessive peak shielding gas surge and surge duration found in traditional regulator/flowmeter technology. The surge is caused by excessive fixed pressure from the regulator to the variable flowmeter, which can vary as much as 20-80 psi. To set the flow, the operator adjusts the flowmeter control valve. When the equipment is idle, the hose from the flowmeter to the welding machine builds up to the static pressure of the preset regulator. As the weld begins, gas from the hose "reservoir" surges to the weld zone, contributing to erratic arc starts and porosity caused by the siphoned atmosphere.

CONCOA'S Gas-Saver technology couples a non-compensated flowmeter to an adjustable regulator. The operator adjusts the regulator pressure while observing the flow on the flowmeter scale. The flowmeter accurately displays the gas flow rate, even when the regulator is adjusted to as low as 3 or 4 psi. This in turn minimizes the static pressure buildup in the hose.

Certified ISO 9001, CONCOA manufactures a complete quality line of gas pressure and flow control equipment and delivery systems for worldwide medical, industrial, and specialty gas applications as well as distribution equipment for laser materials processing. For more information or a full-line catalog, call 1-800-225-0473 (U.S.), 31-30-2672-303 (Europe), 603-8739-8828 (Pacific), or visit the CONCOA Web site at

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