Gas Monitoring Systems for Pollution Control

Government and environmental groups are forcing industries with medium to high VOC exhausts to reduce emissions by as much as 98%. Incineration using pollution control devices such as oxidizers and flare stacks is one way to bring the exhaust emissions in line with the regulations. Capturing and reusing solvent in a solvent recovery system is another way.

Control Instruments Corp.’s various lines of hazardous gas monitoring systems benefit the Pollution Control Industry in the following applications:

PrevEx Flammability analyzers are used on the inlet duct of incinerators/oxidizers to monitor the flammability of the incoming stream and protect it from dangerous concentrations caused by rich vapor streams.

Flame Ionization Detectors (Model SNR650) are used on the outlet of the oxidizer to ensure that it does not exceed emission levels. In addition, by using two flame ionization detectors, one on the inlet and, one on the outlet hydrocarbons can be measured and compared before and after processing, indicating efficiency.

Flame Ionization Detectors are also used to monitor the hydrocarbon levels of carbon beds in real time and react quickly to switch beds, allowing for optimum performance.

CalorVal BTU analyzers are used to continuously monitor the waste streams going to flares for optimum destruction efficiency.

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