Gas Filling Machine rapidly fills insulating glass units.

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Semiautomatic Quik-Dose(TM) fills insulating glass units with liquid gas such as argon or krypton for thermal and sound insulation in times as short as 3½ sec. Upon droplet's contact with sill edge of vented IG unit, liquid boils into gaseous state, displacing lighter, moist air. Displaced air exits through top edge's perimeter vent, while heavier gas fills from bottom-up with very little turbulence.

Original Press Release:

Quik-Dose(TM) Provides Highly Efficient IG Gas Filling

Beachwood, OH - June 3, 2004 - TruSeal Technologies, Inc., a world leader in flexible spacer technology for insulating glass (IG), and Besten, Inc. recently collaborated to develop a unique semi-automatic gas filling machine for IG units. Named Quik-Dose(TM), this innovative machine rapidly fills IG units with liquid gas (argon, krypton, etc.) for better thermal and sound insulation properties. The patent pending technology of Quik-Dose reduces unit-dosing time during the IG manufacturing process from two minutes to as little as three and a half seconds by injecting liquid gas. Therefore, Quik-Dose helps reduce gas and labor costs, as well as increase unit throughput (cycle time), for most manufacturers. In addition, gas filling can become an in-line process, further improving cycle times. Filling with liquid gas is much faster than filling with conventional compressed gas cylinders as equivalent IG volumes of liquid gas are quickly dosed to the bottom of a unit, via gravity, with much less waste and turbulence effects normally associated with the quickest conventional methods. Upon a droplet's contact with the sill edge of a vented IG unit (approximately 1 cu. in. for a typical IG unit), the liquid boils into its gaseous state, displacing the lighter, moist air. The displaced air exits through the top edge's perimeter vent, a feature made possible by TruSeal's flexible spacer technologies. The heavier gas fills from the bottom-up with very little turbulence. By using the Quik-Dose, gas costs will be reduced for most IG manufacturers. This is due to liquid argon being the primary form of the collected material, which is produced when a cryogenic gas supply system removes and concentrates gases from the environmental air supply. For more information about the Quik-Dose, please contact TruSeal Technologies, Inc., 23150 Commerce Park, Beachwood, OH 44122; 1.888.910.5280; TruSeal Technologies, headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of insulating glass products. TruSeal produces superior IG flexible spacer systems with consistent after sales service and a warranty program for qualified window fabricators. TruSeal appears in the Adhesives & Sealants Industry "ASI Top 50" as a leading supplier to the IG market. TruSeal is part of the Quanex Corporation Building Products Group. Quanex is an industry-leading manufacturer of value-added engineered materials and components serving the Vehicular Products and Building Products markets. Besten, Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Besten manufactures a wide variety of equipment for the insulating glass and fenestration industry, including the AGT-1 pumpable sealant glazing table, the T.A.P.E.-AT flexible spacer automatic application system, and the Quik-Dose(TM).

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