Gas Distribution/Management System features Smart technology.

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Built for use in event of power loss or if supply system provides insufficient amount of gas, Series 542 High-Flow Backup automatically activates reserve to provide gas supply without interruption. Onboard Web server with embedded I-LINK software enables remote programming and monitoring. Equipped with digital pressure display and multi-color LED status display, Series 542 features max inlet pressure of 3,000 psig, adjustable pressure range of 50-250 psig, and temperature range of 0-140°F.

Original Press Release:

Innovative Gas Distribution and Managment System Features 'Smart' Technology for Continuity of Supply in Pressing Situations

Onboard Micro-Processor Enables Remote Programming and Monitoring

Virginia Beach, VA - An advanced new gas distribution and management system designed to provide high-flow gas generators, compressors, and bulk supply systems with continuous reserve supply has been introduced by CONCOA.

Built for use in the event of power loss or if the supply system provides an insufficient amount of gas, the Series 542 High-Flow Backup automatically activates the reserve to provide gas supply without interruption. Ideal for use in high-flow building or facility systems with nitrogen, air, helium, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, oxygen, or argon, Series 542 features an onboard Web server with embedded proprietary I-LINK software enabling remote programming and monitoring. Users can program the pressures at which the backup engages and the lowreserve alarm point, as well continually monitor pipeline pressure and reserve status.

Check valves on both the generator and the reserve prevent back flow to the generator or reserve cylinder, while shut-off valves allow for isolation and disconnection of either line.

Materials of construction are high-purity brass bar stock on the body, Chrome-plated die cast zinc, PCTFE (3000 PSIG) on the seat, a 40-micron 316L stainless steel mesh filter, and diaphragms/pigtails of 316L stainless steel. CGA connections are brass with a check valve, the check-vale seat is PTFE or Viton®, and the enclosure is NEMA 12 powder-coated steel.

Available with numerous inlet options including CONCOA High Flow 629 Series MicroManifolds and High Flow 628 Manifold Headers designs.

Specifications include a large digital pressure display and a multi-color LED status display, 3000 PSIG (210 BAR) maximum inlet pressure, 0°F to 140°F temperature range, and 50 to 250 PSIG (0 to 17 BAR) adjustable pressure range, 1.0 Cv. Weight is 45 lbs. (10.45kg).

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