Gas Detection System deploys as component or as network.

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MeshGuard system, suitable for gas detection in stationary applications, is designed for use in hazardous industrial locations. Wireless system is available as system component or as preconfigured Rapid Deployment Kit. Kit includes FMC 2000 wireless controller, which supports up to 24 sensors and includes wireless modem that communicates with each. It also integrates routers, battery-powered monitor, and accessories such as FA-200 Alarm Bar and rechargeable RAE Power Pak.

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RAE Systems Advances Proven MeshGuard Gas Detection System

- Methane Gas Producer and Steel Manufacturer Select MeshGuard -

SAN JOSE, Calif. - RAE Systems Inc. (NYSE AMEX: RAE),today introduced several enhancements to the field-proven MeshGuard intelligent, connected, gas detection system. MeshGuard has successfully provided a fast and flexible intelligent safety network for hazardous gas detection in stationary applications.

The MeshGuard family of intelligent, wireless, connected, toxic and flammable gas sensors is easy to transport, easy to deploy, and easy to operate in environments where rapid deployment means faster time to revenue. The MeshGuard gas detection and monitoring systems are designed for harsh and potentially hazardous industrial locations, where traditional fixed gas detection heads might have been used in the past, but have time-sensitive operational requirements. It is an ideal solution for oil refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas drilling and exploration operations, storage facilities, shipyards, liquid storage terminals and hot process steel mills.

"The field-proven, easy-to-operate, MeshGuard provides faster deployment and relocation time and provides reliable wireless signal and sensor performance," said Bill Jackson, RAE Systems' vice president of global marketing. "The MeshGuard gas detection system furthers RAE Systems' history of innovative, connected safety solutions and continues our legacy of providing time-critical and life-critical information to industrial safety managers and plant operatorsin a system that is lower cost to deploy and maintain."

The MeshGuard Systems

MeshGuard wireless systems are available as either system components for custom applications or as a pre-configured Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) that includes everything required to set up the system and be operational quickly. MeshGuard key system components include:

o FMC 2000 wireless controller

The FMC 2000 is the system command and control element, supporting up to 24 MeshGuard sensors. Its built-in wireless modem communicates with each element of the MeshGuard network. The FMC 2000 gathers data and monitors all alarms. Housed in a tough stainless-steel enclosure, it is simple to install and easy to set up and monitor. It includes five programmable relay outputs, an Ethernet port, RS-485, internal datalog storage on an industry-standard Secure Digital memory card, and built-in audible and visible alarms. For larger deployments, additional FMC 2000s can be clustered.

o MeshGuard Routers

The MeshGuard Router is used to extend the network area coverage transmit network data signals around obstacles.

o MeshGuard Monitor

The wireless MeshGuard monitors are battery powered for fast field deployment. Each monitor can run up to six months on battery power, depending on the specific sensor. The monitors are designed for easy serviceability. Currently available MeshGuard monitors can detect carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Lower Explosive Limit/ Flammability (LEL) and sulphur dioxide (SO2)

o MeshGuard Accessories

Available accessories include FA-200 Alarm Bar and the extended runtime rechargeable RAE Power Pak.

MeshGuard Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK)

The portable MeshGuard Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is a pre-configured, ready to deploy, system: The MeshGuard RDK is designed for field deployment where stationary gas detection is required in order to begin operations. It includes all of the system elements necessary to quickly deploy a gas detection safety perimeter, including:

o FMC 2000 wireless controller

o Up to 8 MeshGuard monitors, with CO, H2S, LEL or SO2 sensors

o Dedicated wireless router

o Spare disposable batteries

o Mounting brackets

o All housed in a rugged, weatherproof transportation case

The MeshGuard system and MeshGuard RDK are available from authorized RAE Systems distributors. For more information on this product, go to For additional information on RAE Systems' other toxic gas and radiation products, please visit

About RAE Systems

RAE Systems is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable sensor networksthat enable customers to identify safety and security threats in real time. Products include disposable gas-detection tubes, single-gas personal monitors, multi-sensor chemical detection monitors, photoionization detector (PID) monitors for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), wireless gas detection systems, and radiation monitoring networks for energy production and refining, industrial and environmental safety, and public and government first responder security sectors. RAE Systems' products are used in over 95 countries by many of the world's leading corporations and by many global Governmental agencies. For more information about RAE Systems, please visit

RAE Systems, Inc., 3775 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134 United States

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