Gas and Radiation Detection Systems feature scalable design.

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Capable of detecting presence of toxic gases or reduced oxygen levels in real-time, Wireless ConneXt Systems can help project coordinators and plant managers make informed decisions and quickly respond to changing conditions. Entry-level ConneXt Pack provides temporary monitoring of up to 8 devices, while ConneXt Pro offers permanent solution that can link up to 200 devices. ConneXt Plus supports up to 64 access points and features location tracking.

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Environmental Supply is Introducing the RAE ConneXt - A Plant-Wide Approach to Gas Safety

New from RAE Systems - a recognized leader in intelligent environmental monitoring - is the ConneXt wireless platform. Available exclusively from Environmental Equipment & Supply, RAE ConneXt is a scalable gas and radiation detection system that makes keeping your facilities and people safe, easy and affordable. These complete, wireless solutions can detect the presence of toxic gases or reduced oxygen levels in real time for faster response times, improved decision-making and increased productivity.

Environmental Equipment & Supply offers all three key products in the RAE Systems ConneXt family. Whether you're looking for an easily deployable turnkey solution for confined space monitoring, or a customizable detection system to meet the unique needs of your plant, we can put together the right combination of products for your needs.

Why RAE ConneXt?

The RAE ConneXt products can provide multiple benefits to your facility, including:

Safety - Wireless safety systems provide project coordinators and plant managers with the real-time information they need to make informed decisions and respond to changing conditions on the ground. The ConneXt platform gives users an easy way to improve response times and coordinate data across multiple devices, which helps mitigate risks. That's why the system is used in everything from CBRNE to environmental remediation applications, as well as compliance monitoring and chronic health issue tracking.

By facilitating automated reporting and easier collaboration with off-site experts, RAE Systems wireless ConneXt solutions help you make the most of your existing resources, which ultimately improves safety for everyone.

Flexibility - Three RAE Systems' ConneXt products are available. Each offer scalable, wireless connectivity with a wide range of devices and equipment. The ConneXt Pack, RAE Systems' turnkey entry-level solution, provides temporary monitoring of up to eight devices. As a result, it's ideal for short-term remediation projects and confined space entry applications.

The RAE ConneXt Plus offers support for up to 64 access points and features location tracking. Use it for zone or group level projects, including IH sampling, emissions monitoring and emergency response. ConneXt Pro is a permanent, enterprise-level installation that can link up to 200 devices.

Features - Each product in the RAE Systems ConneXt line offers a comprehensive set of features at an affordable price point. The entry-level Pack features powerful data logging and alarm functions that simplify routine maintenance and compliance management. Upgrade to the Plus and get location monitoring, support for third party devices and more exclusive features.

The Pro gives users the ability to enable passive viewing on mobile devices, restrict access according to customizable user roles, or share integrated data and interfaces online. To view a full list of features for each RAE Systems ConneXt device, follow the links on this page or speak with an Environmental Equipment & Supply representative directly.

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