Gas Analyzer operates at 0.5 scfh.

Press Release Summary:

Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) gas analyzer detects gas composition by measuring difference in thermal conductivity between reference and sample gas streams. It uses dual pass sampling system, which allows it to be configured to analyze number of gas combinations. Available output options include 2 and 4-relay output cards; RS232, RS485, and Devicenet communications cards; and 0-10 V or 4-20 mA outputs. Stand-alone version is available for panel mounting.

Original Press Release:

New Acme Analyzer Provides High Performance in Simple, Affordable Package

Lehigh Valley, PA --After months of development and testing, Acme is pleased to offer its own Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) gas analyzer for use with gas blending/mixing systems. Also available in a stand-alone version for panel mounting, the Acme Analyzer addresses the need for high-resolution process analysis and offers the features and performance of more complicated units in a simple, affordable package.

The Acme TCD Gas Analyzer detects gas composition by measuring the difference in thermal conductivity between a reference gas stream and a sample gas stream. This measurement provides direct feedback and ensures that users receive consistent, safe blends. The Thermal Conductivity Detector uses a dual pass sampling system, which allows it to be configured to analyze a number of gas combinations easily. An included five-way valve, located on the front face of the analyzer, simplifies the calibration process.

The Acme Analyzer features:

- Ease of Operation - Each unit comes pre-configured from the factory for user's gas combination.

- Accessible Controls - All operating and calibrating controls are located on the front panel. No special tools are required for calibration.

- Rugged Construction - All tubing in the Acme Analyzer is hard-tubed. The unique enclosure design eliminates problems associated with flexible tubing.

- Flexible Outputs - With the substitution or addition of the appropriate plug in card(s), a number of outputs are available to perform a variety of functions. Available options include two and four relay output cards, RS232, RS485 and Devicenet communication cards, and 0-10 V or 4-20 mA outputs.

- Validation and Testing - Using Acme's State-of-the-Art Environmental Test Chamber and Data Acquisition Equipment along with the latest statistical analysis tools, Acme can offer complete testing and analysis to verify the actual performance of your completed analyzer under your operating conditions.

When incorporated into a standard Acme gas blender, the TCD analyzer includes all electrical controls and accessories (less the solenoid valves) for the gas blender in one modular unit. The
modular design allows users to easily change the Analyzer/Control Assembly in the field in less than one hour. The standard gas blender package includes a concentration alarm with an alarm horn acknowledge/silence circuit. Additional analyzer alarm contacts can be configured to shut down gas flow to the process, switch over to a backup supply source, or even shut off one of the incoming gases.

Typical Specifications Include:

Operating Rate: 0.5 SCFH
Min. Gas Supply: 2-3 PSIG
Max. Gas Supply: 100 PSIG
Accuracy: 2% of span
Zero Drift: 1% of span in 24 hours
Response Time: < 30 sec. for 80% deflection
Display: 5-digit LED
Tubing Connections: 1/8" OD compression type
Weight: 30 lbs.
Dimensions: 8.5" H x 13" W x 14.25" D

In addition to the TCD Gas Analyzer, Acme also offers a complete line of gas blending equipment. Acme can customize any blender customized to fit customers' unique requirements.

For more information on any of the Acme Group's products or services, contact Customer Service, at 800-422-2790 or visit

With over 33 years of service to the medical, industrial, electrical and specialty gas industries, Acme is committed to providing total liquid and gas equipment and handling solutions to customers worldwide.

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