Gas Analyzer measures hydrogen sulfide in gas streams.

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General-purpose Analyze IT PPA4230-GP utilizes lead acetate paper tape coupled to photocell for H2S measurement. Photocell is zeroed before each analysis cycle, and digital display reports H2S concentration in ppm, ppb, or mg/m³. Microprocessor-based analyzer includes self-diagnostics for troubleshooting. Fast response time enables corrective action when high levels are detected, resulting in catalyst and corrosion protection in gas plants.

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ABB announces new Analyze IT PPA4230-GP:General Purpose Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

Lewisburg, WV, October 17, 2003 -- ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has developed the general purpose PPA4230-GP analyzer. The Analyze IT Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer
provides the measurement of Hydrogen Sulfide in gas streams such as reformer recycle gas and ethylene/propylene plant providing refinery solutions. The PPA4230-GP utilizes lead acetate paper tape coupled to a photocell for the H2S measurement. The fast response time of the PPA4230-GP enables fast corrective action when high levels of H2S are detected which results in catalyst and corrosion protection in gas plants.

The following applications are typical process streams that are monitored with the Analyze IT PPA4230-GP Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer:
o Hydrogen Recycle Gas
o Natural Gas Pipelines
o Fuel Gas
o Propane/Butane Mixtures

The Analyze IT PPA4230-GP provides the following features and benefits:
o Microprocessor ensures ease of use and reliable operation
o High Selectivity to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
o Digital display with H2S concentration reported in PPM, PPB or mg/M3
o Wide dynamic range (ppb, ppm to % measurements with dilution system)
o Stable photocell that is zeroed before each analysis cycle
o Long tape life; tape is not advanced until spot is saturated
o Self-diagnostics aid in troubleshooting operations
o Analytical method supported by ASTM Method D4084-94

For more information please contact:
Marcia Zemanek
Communications Manager
Tel: 440-585-6830

Sandra Farren
Analytical and Advanced Solutions
Tel: 304-647-1761

The PPA4230 remains available for use in Hazardous Areas.

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