Garlock's Valve Stem Seal Wins Flow Control Innovation Award

Palmyra, N.Y.- The readers of Flow Control magazine have selected Garlock Sealing Technologies' Style 212-ULE ultra-low-emission valve stem seal for its 2010 Innovation Award in fluid containment. Designed to showcase the fluid handling industry's ongoing commitment to manufacturing excellence, the awards also recognize technology breakthroughs in the categories of fluid control and measurement.

"We're obviously honored and delighted to receive this award for what is truly a breakthough product for reducing emissions in refineries," said Janet C. Jessen, Garlock's vice president of global marketing, engineering and innovation. "But I should note it belongs as much to David W. Reeves at Chevron's Richmond Refinery Tech Center in California with whom we co-developed the product."

Garlock's 212-ULE valve stem seal combines two unique types of braided graphite compression packing capable of maintaining emissions below 100 ppm. The new packing is self-lubricating for low valve stem friction, non-hardening, dimensionally stable, impervious to gases and fluids and corrosion-resistant.

It comes in an easy-to-use, 100% recyclable dispenser with a robust, top-mounted carrying handle and color-coded instructions. Instead of weight, the dispenser indicates the number of valves that can be repacked with the contents, making it easier for planners to order for outages and reduce inventory requirements. Included in each dispenser are high-visibility tags for attachment to valves, indicating when they were packed, with what type of packing and when to re-torque the packing to maintain its performance and extend its service life.

Based in Birmingham, Ala., with a circulation of more than 36,000, Flow Control magazine covers products, processes and services for the efficient, reliable and cost-effective control and delivery of fluids and gases in a variety of industries. Articles address system design, operations and maintenance.

For more information, contactTim Hurley, Garlock Sealing Technologies, 1666 Division Street, Palmyra, NY 14522, ph: 315-597-3083, email:

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