GAO Offers 125kHz (LF) Handheld RFID Reader W / LCD Display

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( recommends its 125kHz (LF) handheld RFID reader (GAO 221003) with LCD Display. This portable reader is a Data Collection Terminal designed to scan RFID tags and store their ID-codes in journal memory based together with a Data/Time stamp.

GAO's 125kHz handheld RFID is an excellent choice for individuals who are on the move such as security personnel, patrolling policeman or remote inspectors.

Specifications for GAO's Handheld RFID Reader (GAO 221003):

CPU: C8051F320
Display: LCD 96 X 64
Operating Voltage: 3.6V
Communication Interface: USB
Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C
Storage Temperature: -25 to 70°C
Memory: 512KB
Scan Distance: 0cm to 4cm (0in to 1.5in.)
Reading standards: EM4001 and EM4100, ISO14443 LF standards.
Battery: 850mAH Li Battery
Standby Current: <1mA
Dimensions: 142mm X 40mm X 20mm (LXWXH)
Weight: 156g

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About GAO RFID Inc.

GAO RFID Inc. is a leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware and solutions to end users worldwide. GAO RFID combines best of breed with low cost RFID readers, RFID tags and enabling-RFID software. We have a wide variety of RFID readers, tags and antennas in all the RFID technologies, Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra High Frequency (UHF, Gen 2) as well as Active and Semi-Passive. GAO RFID's products and services are easily customized for use in Asset Tracking, Health care, Supply Chain & Logistics, Event Management, Access Control, Livestock Tracking, Inventory Control & Management, Field Service, Maintenance and Document Authentication.

GAO RFID Inc. is a member of GAO Group, which also includes:
GAO Tek Inc.:
GAO Research Inc.:
WowGao Inc.:
GAO RFID Asset Tracking Inc.: GAO Embedded Inc.: GAO Instruments Inc.: GAO Comm Inc.: GAO Fiber Optics Inc.:

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Company Name: GAO RFID Inc.
Address 1: 601 Milner Avenue,3rd Floor
City: Toronto
Zip: M1B 2K4
Country: Canada
Phone: 416-292-0038

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