Gamma Scientific Offers World’s Most Advanced Handheld Spectrometer for Light and Color Measurement

3/8/17 – The UPRtek MK350S Advanced Spectrometer, available in North America through Gamma Scientific, is the most advanced handheld spectrometer for light and color measurement available and features a powerful suite of capabilities for lighting designers, manufacturers, and engineers. Specifically, the instrument is about the size of a mobile phone (163 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm) and is capable of automatically measuring, reporting, and storing 40 different lighting parameters of sources which output in the 380 nm to 780 nm spectral range. These include illuminance, correlated color temperature (CCT), chromaticity coordinates (CIE 1931 x,y, CIE 1976 u',v', and CIE 1931 XYZ), dominant wavelength, TM-30-15/color rendering index (CRI), color quality scale (CQS) and gamut area index (GAI), as well as several others.

Despite its extensive and sophisticated functionality, the MK350S Advanced Spectrometer is easy to use due to its several user-friendly, intuitive, preprogrammed measurement modes, all accessed through a simple touchscreen interface. For example, using its LUX-G imaging feature, a camera video photometer conveniently gives a visual representation of light distribution in an environment alongside a normal view, providing a supporting light shape, feeling, and uniformity for reference in lighting design. In addition, after setting output specifications in software, production line personnel can rapidly perform binning and ranking of LEDs by wavelength, or to Energy Star and ANSI C78.377 standards. Similarly, a Compare Mode enables rapid assessment of the differences in light and color output from two sources or against historical or previously stored data, and is useful for both on-line quality control and engineering analysis. Also, a Checker Mode can be configured to deliver simple pass/fail measurements of a source to several user specified criteria, such as illuminance, CCT, CRI, TM-30, peak wavelength, or R9 through R15 value.

Because the MK350S Advanced Spectrometer doesn’t need to connect with a computer, tablet or mobile phone to perform measurements, it can be employed in virtually any laboratory, factory or field setting. Alternatively, the spectrometer’s WiFi remote control capability makes it easy to integrate the system with other metrology instruments when so desired. This makes the MK350S Advanced Spectrometer a powerful tool for increasing the accuracy and production efficiency of light and color measurements in a wide variety of applications.

Gamma Scientific, based in San Diego, CA, provides a range of light measurement solutions for manufacturers and users of light sources, sensors and displays. Products include high precision spectroradiometers, calibration light sources, goniophotometers, integrating spheres, thin film measurement systems, and LED testers and sorters. The company also operates an ISO 17025, NVLAP accredited laboratory (NVLAP Laboratory code 200823-0) for calibration and testing.


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