Gamma Radiation Dosimeter tracks personal stay-times.

Press Release Summary:

DoseRAE and DoseRAE-P are Geiger-Mueller tube-based, direct-reading, electronic dosimeters that monitor personal radiation dosages to ensure workers do not exceed annual US federal or international exposure limits of 50 milliSieverts. Along with dose reading resolution of under 0.02 microSieverts, DoseRAE-P (programmable) allows alarm settings to be changed on-the-fly. Both units alert user with 75+ dB alarm and flashing LEDs if dosage exceeds limit restrictions.

Original Press Release:

RAE Systems Introduces DoseRAE, an International Personal Electronic Gamma Radiation Dosimeter

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 30, 2007 - RAE Systems Inc. (AMEX: RAE), a leading global provider of rapidly deployable sensor networks that enable customers to identify safety and security threats in real time, today introduced the DoseRAE and DoseRAE-P. Both are Geiger-Mueller tube-based, electronic, gamma radiation dosimeters. Key international markets for these monitoring instruments are first responders, nuclear power plants, research facilities, hospitals, and industrial locations using or producing radioactive gauges, oil exploration and imaging technology.

"Most people are exposed to no more than five milliSieverts per year from natural background gamma radiation sources. The DoseRAE is a rugged, cellphone-sized, direct-reading electronic personal dosimeter that provides an easy way to monitor personal radiation dosages and to ensure that workers do not exceed the annual U.S. federal or international exposure limits of fifty milliSieverts," said Thomas Negre, RAE Systems' Global Product Director for Instrumentation Products. "These electronic dosimeters are an important addition to our offerings in the international safety and security markets. The DoseRAE alerts users to excessive exposure to radiation in a variety of working conditions."

Both DoseRAE models are rugged, lightweight, direct-reading electronic personal dosimeter that provides superior dose monitoring accuracy and can measure radiation exposure in Sieverts (SI Unit for radiation dose). The sensitivity of the Geiger-Mueller tube in both DoseRAE units provides accurate dose readings with a resolution of less than 0.02 microSieverts.

The DoseRAE's settings can only be changed using the dosimeter reader, preventing wearers from inadvertently changing alarm set-points.

The DoseRAE-P (programmable) allows alarm settings to be changed "on-the-fly" using the dosimeter's buttons.

Both units alert the user with a loud 75+dB alarm and big, bright, flashing, LEDs.

Both the DoseRAE and DoseRAE-P track "stay-time," the amount of time left until the dose alarm level is reached if the wearer stays in an active radiation field. The units provide two levels of alarm:

a stay-time warning alarm

an absolute stay-time alarm

This gives the wearer plenty of advance notice to finish work in a radiation area before reaching the dose alarm threshold.

The product was jointly developed with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (NYSE: SAI) and will be marketed internationally by RAE Systems and in the United States under the SAIC brand as the PD-3i and PD-10i. Under a separate license agreement, RAE Systems will manufacture product for both companies. Both the international and US versions of the dosimeter are available immediately.

For more information on the RAE Systems family of radiation detectors including DoseRAE, GammaRAE II, NeutronRAE II, GammaRAE II R and AreaRAE Gamma please visit our website at .

About RAE Systems

RAE Systems is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable sensor networks that enable customers to identify safety and security threats in real time. Products include multi-sensor chemical detection , wireless gas diction , radiation and digital video monitoring networks for homeland security and industrial applications. RAE Systems' products enable the military and first responders such as firefighters, law enforcement and other emergency management personnel to detect, provide early warning and record events that involve weapons of mass destruction and other hazardous materials. Industrial applications include the detection of toxic industrial chemicals, volatile organic compounds and petrochemicals . RAE Systems' products are used by many U.S. government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Department of State, as well as all branches of the U.S. military, and by numerous city and state agencies. Our end users also include many of the world's leading corporations in the airline, automotive, computer and oil industries. Our products are used in civilian and government atmospheric monitoring programs in over 50 countries . For more information about RAE Systems, please visit

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