Galenfeha Asset Tracking System Marks another Field Success

BEDFORD, Texas - Galenfeha, Inc., (OTCBB: GLFH) an engineering and mechanical design firm with a focus on the oil and gas measurement, automation, and production industry, is pleased to announce another successful field operations result regarding the Company's proprietary, satellite/CDMA based, geo-location asset tracking system.

Galenfeha's new system first proved itself on 11/10/2014, as a battery equipped with the asset tracking system was stolen from a natural gas location in East Texas, and subsequently recovered.  The system proved operational viability yet again on 12/1/2014, when a battery with the system onboard was stolen from a natural gas location in the Longview, TX region, where theft is both prevalent and costly.  The Galenfeha server system features unique user access for individual clients and provides the ability to generate a "geo-fence".  In the event of a breach of this virtual perimeter, set by the client, the system sends notification to the user via text message and e-mail, and begins actively tracking the asset.  Once again, Galenfeha's tracking system allowed the end user company and Galenfeha staff to alert local authorities, providing detailed, geo-triangulated directions to the home where the asset was recovered.

Galenfeha has been developing a private label, unique, user interface driven, asset tracking system that is internally integrated within the Company's line of LiFePO4 battery systems.  This system operates as a Cloud driven database to collect and collate individual client information, then uses unique ESN numeric identifiers to reference each client's specific asset performance and inventory.  The system utilizes a combination of CDMA technologies coupled with satellite geo-location referencing to accurately monitor and track the battery system in the event of theft.  The system also offers real-time battery performance.

About Galenfeha, Inc.

Galenfeha, Inc. is an engineering services and product development/manufacturing company serving the oil, gas, and energy industries. The company is continually researching and developing new products to aid energy producers in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing global pollution.  Galenfeha products include a complete line of patent pending, microprocessor controlled, LiFePO4 chemistry battery systems for measurement and automation, as well as a full line of proprietary chemical injection systems.

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