Galata Chemicals and Trulabs Introduce Soypex(TM) to Candle Market

SOUTHBURY, Conn. - Galata Chemicals is pleased to introduce a new, renewable vegetable-based candle wax component, Soypex(TM) 100.

Soypex(TM) 100 can be used to replace paraffin wax in existing petroleum-based candle products, increase bio-based content, improve burn characteristics of commercial soy wax-containing candles and enable development of new "green" candle formulations and brands of high bio-based content.

Soypex(TM) 100 is suitable for preparation of both container and free-standing candles of up to 100% bio-based content, providing to consumers totally natural solutions. It is miscible with colorants, fragrances and essential oils and can be used in combinations with all commercially available waxes, resulting in significantly reduced smoke and soot formation, prolonged burn time, excellent glass adhesion, and high scent throw.

Trulabs, LLC, a company that manufactures premium quality candles, is successfully incorporating Soypex(TM) 100 into its luxury candle brands Saint Parfum® and Modern Notes® scented candle products and confirmed excellent performance with the use of Soypex(TM) 100.

Spencer Krenke, CEO of Trulabs, LLC, stated, "Soypex(TM) 100 is one of the (if not the) most exciting raw materials I've seen in 15 years within the innovative candle raw material community, and given the growing consumer demand for products which are from renewable resources, as well as the instability in the petroleum market, it's a welcome necessity to our industry. We've been able to increase the percentage of natural component, increase burn times, reduce soot and improve fragrance throw with Soypex(TM) 100."

"The increasing scarcity of paraffin wax due to reduced refining of Group I base oils has created the market need for alternatives. Galata is well positioned to provide innovative products from renewable feedstock. Those products provide very meaningful positive environmental impact, while maintaining or exceeding high performance standards of the conventional products. We are excited about launching this new product for the candle industry. Soypex(TM)100 exemplifies our focus on sustainability and environmentally-preferred product options for our customers" - said Eric Wisnefsky, President and CEO of Galata Chemicals, LLC.

Following the successful product development and commercialization at selected candle manufacturers, Soypex(TM)100 will now be available industry-wide at the upcoming 10th Annual Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tradeshow is sponsored by the National Candle Association and will be held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on April 6, 2011.

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Galata Chemicals is a specialty chemical company dedicated to serving candle and specialty chemical industries with environmentally-preferred technical solutions.

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