GaiShan Technology Leveraging SkyeTek's Secure RFID Reader Technology to Assist the Seeing-Impaired

SkyeTek Embeddable HF Reader Module Enabling "Information Access"

WESTMINSTER, Colo., Nov. 7 -- SkyeTek, Inc., the leading provider of embedded RFID reader technology, today announced that GaiShan Technology, a manufacturer of products to assist the visually impaired, has adopted SkyeTek's RFID reader technology to deliver intelligent, innovative solutions to assist the sight-impaired.

GaiShan produces the TellMate portable audio player, which is intended for those who have lost partial or total vision ability, including the legally blind, those with low vision and senior citizens. The TellMate incorporates an innovative system that allows users to access required information about their immediate surroundings without help from sighted. GaiShan is leveraging SkyeTek's technology to RFID-enable these audio devices, as speech-enabled labels will be attached to each item to help blind users easily identify and differentiate objects independently. GaiShan is also leveraging SkyeTek software and hardware to RFID-enable audio systems that will make learning much more fun and efficient as compared to the Braille method currently use.

"SkyeTek's RFID readers create a whole new level of intelligence for our TellMate audio player while creating an even better user experience for our customers," said SJ Chin, Managing Director at GaiShan. "While many talking devices, such as clocks, thermometers and calculators exist to aid the visually impaired in their everyday lives, there is still a need for devices to help them identify everyday objects and retrieve important information about those objects. By leveraging SkyeTek's intelligent RFID readers, we're able to help resolve this issue and improve the quality of life for visually impaired people."

"We continue to develop extremely interesting and innovative RFID applications with customers like GaiShan who are looking for unique ways to apply RFID to common problems," said Rob Balgley, CEO of SkyeTek. "Our intelligent, low-cost RFID readers enable companies like GaiShan to easily embed RFID into their solutions to make a great product even better. As we continue to expand into Asia and other areas and industries, our relationship with GaiShan further validates our growing momentum and success."

GaiShan Technology is just one of many customers that SkyeTek is working with as the company continues to expand its business into Asia. SkyeTek also recently announced the addition of two new distributors in the region, USSEN and Hangzhou Ziytek.

SkyeTek offers its technology to OEMs, systems integrators, and distributors as reader modules or ReaderWare software licenses. SkyeTek has sales offices in North America, Europe, and Asia and has numerous production customers applying its technology in areas such as anti-counterfeiting, contactless payment, item-level inventory management, mobile workforce productivity, and patient safety.

About SkyeTek, Inc.

SkyeTek transforms RFID into networking technology enabling goods and assets to participate in a connected world. SkyeTek develops readers that serve as intelligent edge devices and software that binds policies to tagged items. By extending networks to the physical world, customers increase revenue through their ability to predict demand, prevent counterfeiting, and personalize user interactions. Based in Westminster, Colo., SkyeTek sells exclusively through OEMs, systems integrators, resellers, and distributors. For more information, visit or call 720-565-0441.

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