Gages simplify threaded hole inspection.

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Multi-Ball(TM) thread-inspection products allow hardened balls to be used as thread-flank contact elements. Free-floating balls can be positioned at any location on thread. Turning of knurled thimble or pin expands balls into contact with thread flanks. Multi-Ball(TM) micrometers measure size, taper, and out-of-roundness of threaded holes. Multi-Ball(TM) location gages determine location and orientation of threaded hole axes and automatically adjusts to varying hole sizes.

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Multi-Ball(TM) Thread Inspection Products

Reduce Costs and Simplify Threaded Hole Inspection

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - March 15, 2002
Multi-Ball(TM) thread inspection products measure the size or locate the axis of threaded holes. Available as a micrometer or location gage these precision tools are accurate, easy to use, and low cost. They can be used in many applications when the use of other products would not be practical. The most popular standard inch and metric sizes are available from stock and many other sizes or configurations can also be produced.

Multi-Ball(TM) products utilize a patented design, which allow hardened balls to be used as thread flank contact elements. The balls are free-floating and can be positioned at any location on the thread. A simple turn of either a knurled thimble or pin expands the balls into contact with the thread flanks.

The Multi-Ball(TM) micrometer is used to measure the size, taper, and out-of-roundness of threaded holes. The simple design is small and lightweight weighing just 4-14oz. for sizes up to 1 inch diameter. It requires no extra accessories and is always ready for immediate use. As a result, there are no additional costs related to set-up, assembly, calibration, training, and maintenance.

The Multi-Ball(TM) location gage is used to determine the location or orientation of a threaded hole axis. Typically used at coordinate measuring machines, it aligns its axis with the internal thread axis by expanding a pattern of balls into contact with the thread flanks and automatically adjusts to varying hole sizes. Once in position only the ball elements contact the workpiece making the gage totally independent
of all other features. This eliminates any possibility of errors being induced by irregular or out of square surfaces adjacent to the threaded hole.

The Multi-Ball(TM) design can be adapted to many types of unique or difficult applications. Often custom micrometers or gages can be produced by using standardized components which reduces expense and lead-time. Special thread pitch/diameter/length combinations, left-hand threads, multiple start threads, and deep holes are just a few examples of these specialty instruments.

In some applications the Multi-Ball(TM) micrometer and location gage can be used together to gain additional tolerance and further reduce manufacturing costs. When engineering specifications allow, Multi-Ball products can be used to determine "Bonus Tolerance" which is added to the hole's stated tolerance of location. This provides a method of identifying parts that are within the acceptable location tolerance zone when they would otherwise be rejected.

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