Fusion Splicer targets LAN applications.

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Designed with maintenance-free electrodes, OptiSplice® M90e uses LID-SYSTEM(TM) Unit to optimize core alignment in X, Y, and Z axes. Auto fusion time control monitors power level through splice and completes fusing process when splice loss is at minimum. Based on 3-dimensional cameras, Core Detection System allows for 13 sec single-mode core-alignment on 250 or 900 micron-coated fibers, bend-insensitive fibers such as ClearCurve(TM), or fibers with live traffic.

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Corning Cable Systems Introduces Fusion Splicer for the Next Generation of LAN Applications

HICKORY, N.C. - Corning Cable Systems LLC, part of Corning Incorporated's (NYSE:GLW) Telecommunications segment, introduces its new OptiSplice® M90e Fusion Splicer, a feature-rich machine for networks where low-loss performance and high-end accuracy are imperative.

The latest addition to the OptiSplice Fusion Splicer product family, the M90e Fusion Splicer offers the active core alignment accuracy of Corning Cable Systems' LID-SYSTEM(TM) Unit, along with the speed and versatility of a passive core-alignment technology known as the core detection system (CDS). The M90e provides an advanced set of features, yielding precise performance, while reducing training and maintenance costs, all in a compact, user-friendly fusion splicer. The splicer offers the industry's fastest total splice cycle time (splicing and heatshrink) for a core-alignment fusion splicer, and it utilizes automatic fusion time to optimize each splice.

The accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM Unit and its power-through splice loss measurement method eliminates the time-consuming task of evaluating splices with an OTDR. The single-mode LID-SYSTEM Unit first optimizes core alignment in each of the X, Y and Z axes. When the fusion process begins, the OptiSplice M90e Fusion Splicer's unique auto
fusion time control monitors the power level through the splice and completes the fusing process when splice loss is at a minimum - ensuring an optimum splice. Finally, the LID-SYSTEM Unit measures splice loss by comparing power levels before and after the fusion process.

The M90e Fusion Splicer is equipped with a secondary method for core alignment (CDS) based on three-dimensional cameras. This technology allows for fast (13 seconds) single-mode core-alignment on 250 or 900 micron-coated fibers, bend-insensitive fibers such as ClearCurve(TM) or fibers with live traffic. The M90e is also capable of automatically choosing the best alignment method for the application at hand.

The splicer contains precise and durable (P&D) electrodes, which are maintenance-free and can reduce the average splice loss up to 50 percent when compared to standard electrodes.

Corning Cable Systems will be featuring the OptiSplice M90e Fusion Splicer at the 2008 ACUTA Conference and Exhibition, July 13-17 in Las Vegas.

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