Fume Extraction System delivers multi-user capabilities.

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Compact, portable, 2-arm fume extraction system, BVX-200, utilizes single-stage impeller design with split scroll housing. Stand-alone unit does not require separate compressor or external ducting and can be transported by one person. It has pre- and main filters, which can be changed individually; latter offers HEPA efficiency of more than 99.5% and activated carbon filter. Max free-blowing airflow is rated at 250 m³/h, with max suction force at 850 Pa.

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Two Station System Delivers Powerful And Efficient Fume Extraction

A new fume extraction system from Metcal uses a proprietary fan design to deliver multi-user capabilities in a compact and truly portable form factor

Menlo Park, CA, USA - Metcal, a division of OK International, has introduced a compact and truly portable two-arm fume extraction system that combines strong fan performance with efficient filtration and quiet, flexible operation. Metcal enlisted the fume extraction expertise of Impell, another OK International division, to develop the BVX-200 Fume Extraction System.

The stylish BVX-200 builds on the success of Metcal's existing BVX-100 single arm system. The new unit features the same motor as the single-armed model, but it has an innovative one-stage impeller design that provides more than double the total free-blowing airflow.

A proprietary impeller was chosen over an off-the-shelf design to maximize performance while keeping size and weight to a minimum. The result is a truly portable unit that can be easily transported by one person without the strain induced by larger units.

Maximum free-blowing airflow is rated at 250m3/h, with maximum suction force at 850Pa. This is the best suction rating in the unit's class and the highest offered by such a compact and portable system. The 850Pa rating provides ample capability in reserve to handle any clogging that occurs during normal filter life.

The BVX-200 has both pre- and main filters. The pre-filter is the best in class for this type of portable fume extraction system, while the main filter offers HEPA efficiency of more than 99.5% and an activated carbon filter.

The filtration system has been designed to far outlast any of the unit's competition. It features a significant amount of activated carbon and a large filter area, which together provide a long filter life and maximized protection against clogging. The activated carbon makes the unit efficient at filtering gases that standard HEPA filters alone cannot remove, such as the alcohols used in cleaning solvents.

The filter system has been designed to allow the pre- and main filters to be changed individually. This ensures that the maximum working life can be achieved from each filter, improving efficiency and lowering the overall cost of ownership. Access into the unit to change the filters is achieved by simply undoing a latch on the side of the unit, which holds the housing securely closed during normal operation.

In operation, the stand-alone unit does not require a separate compressor or external ducting; it only needs to be plugged into a power source to be ready for use. The unit is designed for a universal power supply ranging from 100 to 240 VAC and 50 or 60Hz.

The unit is compact enough to be located under, or next to, the workbench. It has been designed specifically to be located off the benchtop to maximize the available working area without obstructing the space underneath. It can be used with either two 2" (50mm) diameter hoses and BVX arms, or one 2.5" (67mm) hose and an Omniflex arm. The single arm offers a 50% higher airflow than one of the smaller arms, with airflows per arm rated at 75m3/h and 110m3/h respectively.

"This is a unique design offering the best price/performance in its class," says Karl Schuepstuhl, Global Product Manager, Fume Extraction of OK International. "With less than 85 Watts of power consumption, the unit delivers an optimized performance based on a specially designed fan with a split scroll housing. Compact enough to go under the workbench, the unit provides multi-user power in a truly portable system."

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