Full Range of Installation Accessories for Fireray Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

Corinth, Texas -Fire Fighting Enterprises Ltd., manufacturer of the popular Fireray series of wide-area optical beam smoke detectors, has launched a full range of installation accessories for use with its fire protection products. The company now offers various mounting plates and brackets to enable quick installation of its prism arrays as well as protective cages for several of its Fireray model detector heads and controller units.

The Prism Plate for either 1 or 4 prisms is suitable for situations where the wall facing the detector head is perpendicular to the angle of the beam. Where this is not the case, the Prism Plate can be attached to a Universal Bracket that fixes to the wall, allowing the angle of the prisms to be adjusted to reflect the beam back correctly. The reinforced Surface Mount Plate is another option, providing a particularly rigid and secure fixing.

Compatible with FFE's Fireray 5000, the Fireray 50/100R and Fireray 2000 models, the Protective Cages are made from plastic-coated galvanized steel and will protect detector heads and controller units from accidental damage. Ladders, forklifts and other moving equipment in warehouse or industrial settings could easily catch on a wall-mounted device; the cages help prevent damage or misalignment from occurring. Similarly, in fitness facilities, they protect the fire detection system from flying footballs, tennis balls and other potential sources of breakage. The cages also offer some protection against wildlife intrusion such as birds and bats, however the detectors' lenses need to remain free of animal refuse in order to prevent false alarms or unnecessary fault alerts.

To request a demonstration or discuss possible beam detection applications, contact the US sales office (rbarker@ffeuk.com; 940-271-0435), or visit the company's website, www.ffeuk.com.

With over 600,000 installations worldwide, FFE is the largest independent producer of infrared optical beam fire protection technology. The company's beam detectors are ideally suited for wide-area coverage such as warehouses, factories, hotels, shopping centers, indoor parking garages, and power stations. The company also produces fire extinguishers for aviation use, and a range of vibration switches for industrial applications. A member of the multinational Halma group of safety and technology companies, FFE is headquartered in Hertfordshire, England.

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