Fujitsu's PRIME Power Line Communication Solution Passed Official PRIME Conformance Test

PRIME-compliant communication SoC and software stack enable reduced development time.

Langen, Germany- Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe announces official PRIME compliance of its PRIME SoC-based solution. This combination of PRIME compliant communication SoC MB87S2080 and PRIME communication software stack enables meter makers to reduce development time for PRIME-compliant meters.

Equipment from FSEU has successfully completed the certification process defined by the PRIME Alliance Certification Task Group. The MB87S2080 with the related PRIME software stack is now certified as entirely compliant with PRIME specifications. This certification process was performed by TECNALIA, one of the independent certification entities authorised by PRIME Alliance.

PRIME is a new worldwide narrow band Powerline Communication technology based on OFDM that provides up to 128Kbps communications for smart grid applications.

The PRIME Alliance is an industrial consortium focused on the development of an open, public and non-proprietary telecom solution that will support smart metering functionalities and progress the implementation of the 'smart grid' globally. It has put forth specifications for Powerline Communications that allow for utilities companies to safely pick technologies from different vendors to achieve the best solution for their needs, and PRIME certification guarantees interoperability.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe is a member of the PRIME Alliance, which involves utilities, meter manufacturers, silicon providers, research institutes and system integrators, covering the complete smart grid scenario.

Wolf Fronauer, Manager Business Development and Marketing Industrial at Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe, commented, "Passing the official compliance test defined by the PRIME alliance, proves the sophistication of our solution, which consists not only of the MB87S2080 device but also the complete PRIME communication software stack. We always strive to offer system solutions enabling our customers to use them as a basis for their own products. Based on the official compliance of our solution, we can now offer additional certification support to our customers. This will speed-up their time-to-market with a highly cost-optimised and compliant PRIME communication solution."

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