Fuel Rating Units are offered with digital control panel.

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CFR® octane rating units are available with XCP(TM) Digital Octane Panel option, helps increase productivity and consistent inter-operator test results while reducing staff training periods and potential for error. Along with automatically generated data recording and fuel rating files that are stored in MS Excel® format, features include touchscreen GUI that includes prompts, automated calculations, on-screen reports, and data logging capabilities.

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Dresser® Waukesha® Introduces New Digital Panel for CFR® Fuel Rating Units

WAUKESHA, Wis. - Dresser® Waukesha®, the global leader in fuel quality testing equipment, has introduced a state-of-the-art digital control panel that is a significant enhancement for its CFR® octane rating unit.

Dresser Waukesha's new XCP(TM) Digital Octane Panel delivers greater control and improved functionality to the octane rating process. The new panel addresses the needs of today's test facilities for greater productivity, shorter staff training periods, reduced potential for error and more consistent test results from one operator to another.

"The XCP Digital Octane Panel is the first release of Waukesha's new expandable digital control platform for fuel rating," said Alan Piller, director of fuel research. "This initial release addresses our customers' highest priorities for updates to our octane rating unit. However, we have also designed this panel to accept upgrades as additional enhancements become available."

The XCP Digital Octane Panel features a user-friendly touch screen with an intuitive graphical interface that includes built-in prompts, automated calculations, on-screen reports, and data logging. On-screen versions of the operation, maintenance and parts manuals and Internet capability are standard features.

The new panel delivers improved documentation, with critical information for each rating presented in bold graphics and easy-to-read charts. Data recording and fuel rating files are generated automatically and stored in easily-accessible Microsoft® Excel® format. The XCP panel automatically generates complete graphical test reports to eliminate the potential for error with manual recording.

The XCP Digital Octane Panel is optional on all new production units. The new panel can also be retrofitted on CFR octane rating units built since 1970.

The octane rating unit can be set up for either ASTM® D 2699 (ISO 5164) (IP237) Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number (RON) or ASTM D2700 (ISO 5163) (IP236) Standard Test Method for Motor Octane Number (MON). It combines both globally-accepted methods for octane determination in one reconfigurable system.

Dresser Waukesha, in conjunction with ASTM, is presently conducting an inter-laboratory study (ILS) that will establish the precision of the new control panel, Piller said, and will submit the required report to ASTM for revision of the existing test methods.

Dresser Waukesha's original CFR fuel rating unit was introduced more than 80 years ago to measure fuel combustion characteristics. This innovation made it possible to refine gasoline and diesel fuels to a consistent standard and enabled engine makers to design their products to deliver consistent performance when burning a fuel with a specific rating. Eight decades after its introduction, the CFR octane rating unit remains the gold standard in octane rating equipment and the only octane rating unit with supporting test methods approved by ASTM International, Energy Institute, and ISO.

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Dresser Waukesha is a leading manufacturer of natural gas engines that deliver clean, cost-effective power. Waukesha® engines are operating around the world in power generation, gas compression and other mechanical drive applications. Dresser Waukesha, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, packages engine-generator sets and DC switchgear controls for the distributed generation market. The company is also a pioneer and industry leader in fuel rating technology. www.dresser.com/waukesha

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Dresser, Inc. is a global leader in providing highly-engineered infrastructure products for the global energy industry. Leading brand names within the Dresser portfolio include Dresser Wayne® retail fueling systems, Waukesha® natural gas-fired engines, Masoneilan® control valves, Consolidated® pressure relief valves, and ROOTS® blowers and rotary gas meters. The company has manufacturing and customer service facilities strategically located worldwide and a sales presence in more than 100 countries. www.dresser.com

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