Fuel Polishing/Recirculating System improves fuel quality.

Press Release Summary:

Self-contained FPS-500 allows fuel to be periodically re-circulated to remove water, sludge, and inorganic debris as well as eliminate microbial contamination. Components include Separ Fuel/Water Separator and Filter, 6 hr manual timer, fuel pressure gauge, and continuous-duty gear pump. Unit improves and maintains quality of diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, and other distillate fuels for improvement in filtration, combustion, and fuel stability.

Original Press Release:

Algae-X® Announces New Fuel Polishing & Recirculating System, the FPS-500

Ft. Myers Beach, FL - ALGAE-X® International is pleased to announce the release of its latest model Fuel Polishing & Recirculating System - the FPS-500.

The FPS-500 is a self-contained system that allows fuel to be periodically re-circulated to easily remove water, sludge ("algae") & inorganic debris from the fuel, and eliminate microbial contamination.

Principal components include: ALGAE-X® model 500 Fuel Conditioning Unit, Separ Fuel/Water Separator & Filter, six (6) hour manual timer, fuel pressure gauge and a continuous duty gear pump.

The FPS-500 improves and maintains the quality of diesel fuel, hydraulic oil and other distillate fuels. It prevents tank sludge, clogged filters and keeps your fuel in a pristine condition. ALGAE-X® technology improves filtration, combustion and fuel stability. This results in:

o More efficient engine operation, extended injector life, reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions and elimination of carbon deposits.

o More reliable engine filtration systems with longer fuel filter change intervals and less tank maintenance.

Algae-X provides a significant improvement in fuel economy, with a dramatic reduction of soot and emissions, while lowering overall operating costs.

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