FTI Consulting to Launch Ringtail® 8 E-Discovery Software

Usability Now Matches Ringtail Scalability to Help Legal Teams Effectively Handle Any E-Discovery Matter

NEW YORK - From the LegalTech New York conference, FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN), the global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value, today announced that its FTI Technology business segment is launching version 8 of its popular Ringtail e-discovery software, which is already used by over 40,000 legal professionals around the globe. A fully integrated processing, review, analysis and production platform, Ringtail 8 includes a new user interface for increased productivity, database enhancements for greater scalability and administration, as well as additional production features for better automation and speed.

"We have standardized our e-discovery on Ringtail because it's simply the most comprehensive and flexible software in the market," said Michelle Mahoney, director of applied legal technology with Mallesons Stephen Jacques. "I know that Ringtail can handle our small matters quickly and effectively, and is able to support and analyze the big, dynamic cases as they change and grow. With Ringtail, there is no need for a plan B."

Ringtail 8, available on-premise, software as a service (SaaS) or in a hybrid model, offers existing and new users with a number of feature enhancements including:

o New Intuitive user interface (UI): Easy to use and requiring fewer
clicks to do more, the new Ringtail UI, designed with direct client
input, will increase the speed and accuracy of reviewers, while also
enabling a customized experience to support different case requirements.

o Faster and more exacting production: In addition to the market-leading
redaction and production features, the Ringtail 8 production module now
enables more automation and speed to meet tight deadlines. Plus, with
new "production rendition" features, users can tie multiple produced
versions of a document to the original, ensuring precise version control
without compromising the ability to apply unique codes or permissions
going forward.

o Integrated Processing: With processing functionality directly integrated
with review, analysis and production, Ringtail 8 users can do more of
the e-discovery process on one tool, without worrying about costly and
risky data transfers. Ringtail 8 includes support for PSTs, NSFs, and
Concordance files, as well as a host of cost saving technologies,
including deduplication, embedded object identification, exception
handling and language detection. Plus, as matters evolve and new
information emerges, users can easily add data to an existing Ringtail
database as new data is collected, supporting the iterative nature of
review and production.

o Better performance: Ringtail 8 includes a number of additional
improvements to existing features such as duplicate handling, reporting
and easier searching across the entire data set.

"Ringtail has built a large and loyal user community for its ability to scale up or down depending on the volume of ESI and complexity of the matter," said Vivian Tero, analyst with IDC. "The Ringtail 8 usability improvements will be very attractive to its existing client base as well as others considering software on which to standardize their e-discovery processes."

In a recent study of in-house counsel, sponsored by FTI Technology, 70% of respondents indicated that it was important to streamline the complex e-discovery process using fewer software tools. Ringtail 8 enables streamlining by providing a single, integrated solution for processing through production. This includes the award-winning Ringtail Analytics module, which provides powerful data analytics and visual review tools that dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of legal review. In total, Ringtail 8 is a powerful e-discovery platform with flexible deployment options and market-leading functionality designed to dramatically increase reviewer productivity and reduce the overall costs of e-discovery.

"Over the past decade, Ringtail has been battle-tested in a number of the most significant legal cases in the world," said Ed Pfromer, a senior managing director in the FTI Technology business segment. "Our experience from those matters, as well as ongoing client feedback, has helped drive innovation on the Ringtail platform so that we can continue to provide the best legal review and case management software for our clients."

Ringtail 8 will be available in Q2 of 2011. For a demo of Ringtail 8, please visit booth 2100 at the LegalTech New York 2011 conference. For more information on Ringtail 8 or FTI Technology, please visit www.ftitechnology.com.

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