Front Terminal VRLA Battery lasts for a decade.

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Powersafe VX100F series valve-regulated lead-acid battery has design life of 10 years at 104°F, making it suitable for applications in high temperature environments such as providing back-up power to remote telecommunications switches. It has positive plates made of pure lead for corrosion resistance and polycarbonate/ABS blend in its case and cover. Batteries are available in 8 and 12 V models with rated capacity of 100 Ah.

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Enersys Introduces Front Terminal Battery With Double The Design Life At High Temperature Operation

Reading, PA, August 2002 - EnerSys Inc. (formerly Yuasa, Inc.) Reserve Power Group has introduced a new front terminal valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery with extended operational life at high temperatures. The new Powersafe VX10OF series has a design life of 10 years at 104°F (40°C), more than double the life of similar batteries, making it ideal for applications in high temperature environments, such as providing back-up power to remote telecommunications switches.

The Powersafe VX100F series incorporates several design features that extend life at high temperatures. These include positive plates made of pure lead for enhanced corrosion resistance, a polycarbonate/ABS blend used for the battery's case and cover to provide added mechanical strength and thermal stability, and a high quality compression grommet post seal.

Front terminal connections make the VX100F extremely simple to install in any location, such as in battery cabinets or on racks. Rope handles are also provided for easy installation and handling. The battery terminal has a built-in brass insert bolted to an angled copper connector fitted with a bolt, stainless steel nut and washers. This design minimizes installation time and eliminates the need for re-torquing, reducing labor costs.

Powersafe VX100F batteries have several features for safety, such as absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators that eliminate acid spillage and leaks, a high flame retardancy (UL rated VO) case and cover, flame arrestors in each mono-block, and recessed terminals to reduce the risk of short circuits. The batteries are certified to UL and Uniform Building Code (UBC) seismic zone 4, and are fully compliant with IEC896/2 and BS6290 part 4.

VX100F batteries are manufactured in 8-volt (8VX100F) and 12-volt (12VX100F) models with a rated capacity of 100 Ah (8-hour rate, 1.75 Vpc, at 77°F/25°C).

The batteries are one of the Hawker product lines acquired by EnerSys as part of the purchase of the Energy Storage Products Group of Invensys plc. in March of 2002.

Pricing for a 12VX100F battery starts at $500 per unit. Delivery is 2 weeks ARO.

For more information, contact Debra Burkhardt, EnerSys Inc., P.O. Box 14145, Reading, PA 19612-4145. Tel: 800/538-3627; Fax: 610/372-8613; E-mail:; Web:

EnerSys Inc. is the world's leading provider of stored DC power products, systems and services. The Reserve Power Group provides batteries and power systems to telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, security, utilities/switchgear, military/aerospace and a variety of other electronics markets. The company was formed in January 2001 with the acquisition of the Stationary Power (now Reserve Power) and Motive Power units of Yuasa, Inc. by company Management and Morgan Stanley. In March of 2002, EnerSys Inc. purchased the Hawker Energy Storage Products Group of Invensys plc., making the company the largest worldwide manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for stand-by power applications.

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