Front End Power Supply delivers 1,500 W of 33 Vdc power.

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Accepting 3-phase, 115/200 Vac, 47-440 Hz input, VPXtra™ 1500CS AC-to-DC COTS Power Supply is built for high-end industrial and military applications. Conduction-cooled, switch mode unit offers 90% efficiency and has no minimum load requirement. Input current complies with CE101 and MIL-STD-1399 standards. In addition to input-output isolation, 6U Open VPX VITA 62 compliant module includes short circuit, over-voltage, and over temperature protection as well as output voltage Fail signal.

Original Press Release:

Behlman Announces That Their New VPXtra(TM) 1500CS AC-to-DC Front End Power Supply Breaks through another Power Ceiling

This may be the VPX industry’s highest-power 6U front-end power module.

Hauppauge, New York, — Behlman Electronics Inc., known for its break-though leadership in VPXtra™Â  power products for military, industrial, and commercial applications, has introduced the VPXtra™1500CS Three-phase AC-to-DC COTS power supply.

In late 2012, Behlman raised the VPX power bar to an unprecedented 1000 Watts with two 6U Open VPX VITA 62 Compliant DC-to-DC COTS power supplies: VPXtra™ 1000CD (Dual-output) and VPXtra™1000CM (Multi-output).

Now, with the introduction of the new Behlman VPXtra™ 1500CS, VPX design engineers can obtain a DC output from a three-phase AC source, to support design initiatives requiring power factor correction and input current harmonic reduction. Although initially conceived to power Behlman’s VPXtra™1000CD and VPXtra™1000CM DC-to-DC power supplies, VPXtra™ 1500CS can also be used to power devices from other manufacturers having similar wide-range DC inputs.

VPXtra™ 1500CS is a rugged, highly reliable, conduction-cooled, switch mode unit built for high-end industrial and military applications. It accepts 115/200 VAC, 3-phase input, IAW MIL-STD-704, and delivers 1500 Watts of 33 VDC power. Input current complies with CE101 and MIL-STD-1399. This front-end module is designed and manufactured using Behlman’s outstanding Xtra-Cooling™, Xtra-Rugged™ Construction and Xtra-High™ Reliability. It has no minimum load requirement and has short circuit protection, as well as over-voltage and thermal protection.

According to Behlman President, Ron Storm, “When we introduced the VPXtra™ 1000CD and VPXtra™ 1000CM power supplies, we knew that the VPX industry would benefit greatly from having a reliable front-end module that would deliver DC power from 115/200 VAC, 3-phase inputs. It took Behlman a year to perfect the solution in the form of the VPXtra™ 1500CS, but the additional capability and versatility provided by this unit will prove to be well worth the effort.”

VPXtra™ 1500CS features include:

• Open VPX VITA 62 compliant

• 6U VPX, 1.0” pitch single slot

• Three-phase AC input, 47-440 Hz

• High-power DC output: 33 V/46 A

• Auxiliary DC output: 3.3 V/0.2 A

• Low noise and ripple

• Input-output isolation

• Excellent load regulation

• Over Current, Over Voltage and Over Temperature protection

• Efficiency of 90% (typical)

• High power density

• Conduction cooled at card edge

• Conformal coating on PWB

• External EMI filter required to meet MIL-STD-461F CE-102

• ENABLE*, INHIBIT* controls per VITA 62

• Output voltage FAIL* signal

• LED indication

Complete specifications are immediately available at, and a data sheet can be downloaded at

Behlman Electronics, Inc. is a subsidiary of Orbit International Corp., and a key member of the Orbit Power Group. Behlman manufactures and sells high quality standard, modified standard, custom and COTS power solutions, including AC power supplies, frequency converters, inverters, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, uninterruptible power supplies, and VPX/VME power supplies.

Orbit International Corp., based in Hauppauge, New York, is involved in the manufacture of customized electronic components and subsystems for military and nonmilitary government applications. The Orbit Electronics Group includes Tulip Design Laboratory, Orbit Instrument, and Integrated Combat Systems.

For more information, contact Behlman Electronics, Inc., 80 Cabot Court, Hauppauge, New York 11788 USA; TEL: +1 631 435-0410; FAX: +1 631 951-4341;;

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