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Front-End PMIC enhances ARM® Cortex A15-based designs.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 11, 2013 - Supplied in multi-row QFN packaging, TPS65090 PMIC extends battery run-time in tablets and other portable electronics while also simplifying design and reducing board space. Single-chip front-end power management unit (PMU) specifically incorporates 4 A switching PowerPath charger, three 5 A DC/DC step-down converters, 7 load switches, 2 always-on LDOs, and 10-channel ADC. Battery run-time benefits from up to 95% efficiency across 8–12 V output voltages for 2–3 cells in series.

Texas Instruments Incorporated - Dallas, TX

Original Press Release

TI Power Management Front-End Chip Increases Battery Run-Time in ARM® Cortex A15-based Designs

Press release date: Feb 04, 2013

Highly integrated power management unit with 4-A charger reduces board space 60 percent, boosts battery life in tablets and portable electronics

DALLAS -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ:TXN) today introduced the industry's first single-chip, front-end power management unit (PMU) for battery-powered applications based on ARM Cortex A9 and A15 processors. The TPS65090 power management integrated circuit integrates all power management functions and maximizes power efficiency to extend battery run-time in tablets and other portable electronics by 20 percent, simplify design, and reduce board space by 60 percent compared to a discrete approach. To order free samples, visit: .

The innovative front-end PMU integrates a 4-A switching PowerPath charger, three 5-A DC/DC step-down converters, seven load switches, two always-on LDOs and a 10-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

Key features and benefits of the TPS65090:

--  20-percent increased battery run-time: Up to 95-percent efficiency across 8-V to 12-V output voltages for two to three cells in series.
--  High integration, smallest solution size: The device integrates 15 functions into one front-end circuit to reduce the bill of materials and achieve a 60-percent smaller total solution than using discrete ICs.
--  Faster charging: Integrated 4-A, multi-cell switching charger cuts charging time in half.
--  Advanced power control: The power switches allow independent control of each major subsystem, and the 10-bit ADC allows easy, accurate monitoring of power consumption.

Availability, packaging and pricing

The TPS65090 is available today in multi-row QFN packaging for a suggested retail price of USD$4.95 in 1,000-unit quantities. Designers can order the TPS65090EVM evaluation module to quickly evaluate their designs and speed time-to-market.

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