From Repeat to First-Time Customers, Ipsen's TITAN® Knows No Bounds

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Ipsen’s TITAN® furnace line continues to be in demand both overseas and in the U.S, with three TITAN vacuum furnaces shipping in a span of one week. Ipsen shipped two of the furnaces to China for use by international companies in the Aerospace and Automotive industries; the remaining furnace was shipped to Arizona for an American company in the Commercial Sporting industry. While all from the Ipsen TITAN line, these furnaces varied in both size and the parts they will produce:

• The TITAN H2 with 12-bar absolute pressure will be used to process parts for motion subsystems, which are then used in the Automotive industry. The company stated that they ordered the furnace in an effort to increase production, as well as acquire a higher quality furnace.

• The TITAN H2 with 2-bar absolute pressure will be used to process parts for firearms and the Commercial Sporting industry. This company was the first to purchase a TITAN when the furnace line was released, and it will be their fourth TITAN furnace.

• The TITAN H6 with 2-bar absolute pressure will be used to process parts for the Aerospace industry – a market where Ipsen and its equipment has a strong reputation and presence. This company has other traditional Ipsen furnaces, but this is their first TITAN.

Ipsen supports customers’ diverse needs through all stages of the furnace’s life cycle, no matter the location; whether it is facilitating on-site installation, providing expert training and start-up assistance or delivering responsive field support and spare parts. By utilizing the wide range of options Ipsen offers, these companies were able to select extended warranties, additional startup and training options, retrofits and upgrades and spare parts that best fit their specific requirements. These advancements help improve furnace performance and provide customers with greater control, faster cycle time and other specified requests.

Ipsen’s TITAN line is a self-contained, skid-mounted system that contains rapid utility hookups and installs in just one day. The TITAN is designed for ease of use, making it perfect for first-time heat treaters and experts alike. In addition, the TITAN caters to project needs by offering various sizes and configurations with long-lasting equipment and powerful technology, all within a small footprint. The TITAN vacuum furnace line has a number of options to increase its capabilities, making it an extremely versatile furnace that is able to handle a number of different processes – annealing, hardening, brazing, sintering, tempering and more. To learn more about the Ipsen TITAN, visit

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Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing markets, including: Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Medical, Energy and Automotive. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success.

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