Frigel's Microgel Brings Temperature Precision and Lower Cycle Times to NPE 2009

East Dundee, Ill. - Frigel will feature its Microgel RCM - a revolution in machine side heating and cooling - at NPE 2009, South Hall Booth #42020. This compact water-cooled integrated chiller/TCU is incorporated at each process machine as part of an Ecodry system, creating shorter cycle times, enhancing part quality and reducing scrap.

Microgels use a Frigel-patented process that allows the set temperature to remain precise and constant. It's that consistent temperature (±2°F), along with the infinite, independent, temperature variation at each process machine, that produces such a competitive advantage for processors.

"Attendees at NPE will be looking for ways to bring positive change to their business immediately," said Steve Petrakis, president of Frigel North America. "The Microgel optimizes water temperature, flow and control - all factors that can immediately improve part cooling and decrease cycle times by up to 20 percent. By controlling these parameters right at the point of use rather than using a central system, energy is also conserved."

Ecodry systems work with a single set of un-insulated pipes supplying process water, without heat loss, to a Microgel at each machine. They offer high flow, precise temperature control and a built-in "free cooling" valve that provides automatic free cooling when ambient temperatures are lower than process set point. In molding applications, process parameters can be optimized to reduce the T across the mold, allowing effective molding of parts and thus lowering cycle time.

A Microgel is ideal for plastic injection molding, blow-molding, thermoforming, and other industrial processes where heat regulation is required with between 23°F and 195°F. Microgel has a very small footprint and is available in two configurations, the RCM, a single-zone chiller/TCU and the RCD, a two-zone chiller/TCU.

Frigel has been a worldwide market leader in intelligent process cooling since the 1960s. Foremost among Frigel's products is Ecodry, a unique, closed-loop intelligent cooling system that's been proven at more than 5,500 manufacturing installations worldwide. The Ecodry system dramatically reduces water usage and keeps cooling water clean, providing companies an environmentally-friendly cooling solution. Coupled with the break through, cycle time improving Microgel, the result is substantial savings on water, chemicals, energy and maintenance. The Ecodry system gives users the power to outperform. Visit to learn more.

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