Freeze Protection Valve targets passenger rail cars.

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Featuring self-actuating design, PC/FP Valve opens as ambient temperature around valve approaches freezing, draining water-bearing systems and preventing freeze damage. Valve is also available with optional heater than can be installed over thermal actuator. If valve has activated, heater will close valve within several minutes after car heat is turned on, enabling water system to refill quickly. Since heater is self-limiting, it cannot overheat or damage thermal actuator or valve.

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Therm-Omega-Tech Introduces New Freeze Protection Valve for Passenger Cars

Company Leverages 20 Years of Experience with Commercial Locomotives to Prevent Passenger Cars from Freezing

WARMINSTER, Pa., -- Therm-Omega-Tech, the global leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuated temperature control valves, today introduced a new freeze protection valve for passenger cars called PC/FP. For more than 20 years, the company's best-in-class self-actuated valves for locomotives have protected billions of dollars of rail equipment. That technology and design has now been applied to address the expensive and dangerous problem of freezing in passenger cars.

"Since our company was founded in 1983, we have been designing and manufacturing self-actuating valves that prevent locomotives from freezing," said Nick Tallos, Vice President of Engineering for Therm-Omega-Tech. "This past winter was one of the harshest across the country. That's part of the reason we decided to create a PC/FP valve for passenger cars. Any train car that uses water can freeze and our valves are guaranteed to prevent that without needing any electricity or other infrastructure. We're really looking forward to keeping passenger cars on the tracks."

The PC/FP passenger car freeze protection valve opens as ambient temperature around the valve approaches freezing, draining the water-bearing systems and preventing freeze damage. Freezing conditions which put water tanks and piping at risk for freeze damage occur when the car heat is turned off, which can occur when the cars are being switched to different locomotives or during brief layover periods when the car is without power.

Key features of the PC/FP valve include:

-- Ease of maintenance

-- No power or air required

-- Self-operating valve

-- Inline serviceability

Therm-Omega-Tech's PC/FP valve is also available with an optional heater that can be installed over the thermal actuator to allow the valve to heat up and close quickly. If the valve has activated and drained water out of tanks and piping, the heater installed on the valve's actuator will close the valve within several minutes after car heat is turned on. This allows refilling of the water system and getting the passenger car back into service as quickly as possible.

Heater assembly features include:

-- Spring loaded mounting clip for quick and easy installation/removal with one hand or work gloves

-- Standard power cord/plug to fit standard 120V 3-prong grounded outlets

-- Pilot light on top of heater assembly that glows when energized for easy visual check

-- Self-limiting heater that cannot overheat or damage the thermal actuator or valve

Therm-Omega-Tech is currently taking pre-orders for its new PC/FP valve. The company is conducting demonstrations of its valve at Booth #3343, September 18th and 19th at the 2011 Railway Interchange Conference in Minneapolis, MN. Briefings can be arranged by contacting Jen Ciminera at 610-247-6737 or on Twitter @ThermOmegaTech.

Therm-Omega-Tech's expertise in the railroad industry stems from its Guru Plug, a valve that ensures the locomotive's engine is drained, therefore preventing freezing of the system. Due to the long winters in the Northeast and Midwest United States, several major railroads have installed the Guru Plug on nearly all of their locomotives. Prior to the plug's development the only way to avoid expensive freezes in the locomotive's system was to keep the engines running. The Guru Plug not only prevents freezing, but also saves great amounts of fuel and energy and limits air pollution.

Therm-Omega-Tech has over two decades of experience in the creation of valves for freeze and scald protection, steam traps, ambient temperature control, and surface sensing applications. Its valves can been found in commercial locomotives, passenger cars, showers and eyewash stations, solar panels, and more. Its valves are different than others in the market due to the fact that they are self-operating, meaning no outside power source is needed to produce motion. All Therm-Omega-Tech valves are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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Founded in 1983, Therm-Omega-Tech is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of the most advanced, reliable, and compact self-actuated valves for temperature control. The company holds multiple patents for the design and manufacturing of valves for freeze control, scald protection, and temperate water mixing in the rail, aerospace, solar, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. All Therm-Omega-Tech products are made in America. More details are available at

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