Freeze Drying Systems suit high throughput applications.

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VirTis® 96 Well Freeze Drying Systems include glass or plastic vials set in aluminum vial holder with LyoCap(TM) Capmat Lyophilization Stopper. Vial holders provide even heat distribution to ensure consistent freeze drying, while fluted stoppers enable samples to be freeze dried and then sealed under vacuum or inert gas after lyophilization cycle is complete. Components eliminate problems caused by edge effect when freeze drying in standard 96 well plastic plates.

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New VIRTIS 96 Well Freeze Drying Systems Improve High Throughput Efficiency

SP Industries(TM), the leaders in freeze drying technology, has introduced the VirTis® 96 Well Freeze Drying Systems for high throughput applications. These new and unique systems include either glass or plastic vials set in an aluminum vial holder with an exclusive LyoCap(TM) 96 Well Capmat Lyophilization Stopper. The solid aluminum 96 well vial holders provide efficient and even heat distribution to ensure fast and consistent freeze drying results for every sample. The fluted LyoCap 96 Well Capmat Stoppers enable samples to be quickly freeze dried and then sealed under vacuum or inert gas after the lyophilization cycle is complete.

The unique combination of the VirTis 96 Well Freeze Drying Systems' components eliminate the problems caused by the edge effect when freeze drying in standard 96 well plastic plates. Samples in the wells around the edges of plastic plates tend to dry faster than samples in the middle wells which retain more water to the point that they can collapse when freeze drying is terminated. Glass vials in the aluminum rack further speed the freeze drying process with better heat transfer.

The new VirTis 96 Well Freeze Drying Systems now provide scientists an alternative to storing sensitive or heat labile samples at low temperatures. "Until now, freeze drying small samples in 96 well plates was unreliable or unpredictable," said Joe Costello, Marketing Manager, VirTis Brand Products. "These new systems now provide the reliability and controls for freeze drying those types of samples."

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SP Industries is a leading manufacturer of specialty glassware, environmental control chambers, glassware washers and dryers, and laboratory-to-production scale lyophilizers. The company, which sells its products under the following well-known brands: Wilmad-LabGlass®, Hotpack®, VirTis®, and Hull®, is structured along two distinct business lines and two product groups. The product groups are equipment and glass. The business lines are laboratory and industrial. This approach allows SP Industries to offer its customers a fully integrated package of products and services. SP Industries has made very significant investments in facilities, infrastructure, training, and people. The company has a clearly defined vision for the future that includes focusing on core competencies and developing exciting new products and services geared to meeting the demands of those markets.

The company's glass operations are located in New Jersey. The equipment line is operated from two facilities, one in Warminster, Pennsylvania and one in Gardiner, New York. Both of these facilities are ISO 9001:2000 registered. Corporate headquarters and some manufacturing operations are housed in a 75,000 square foot facility in Warminster. In addition, the company continues to invest heavily in validation and commissioning competencies. With the ongoing requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and the emergence of GAMP 4, SP Industries is uniquely positioned as the leader in compliance and GAMP 4 commitment.

SP TechCare, the service arm of SP Industries, is structured to be highly responsive to customers. Staffed to provide after-the-sale support for all SP products, SP TechCare can respond quickly to equipment service needs. Experienced personnel offer technical assistance to help customers meet new guidelines, save time, increase productivity, simplify tasks, or reduce costs.

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