Free Swing Door Closers offer comfort hold-open function.

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Installed on door as single component, GEZE TS 5000 surface mounted door closer and GEZE Boxer electro-mechanical concealed door closer combine free swing and hold-open function. Once door has been opened, it can be passed through in either direction without additional force since closer remains under electrical bias voltage. Comfort hold-open function enables door to remain locked in position at end of free swing area without closing in uncontrolled manner or jamming in partially closed position.

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Accessibility and Safety: The New Free Swing Door Closer Range with Comfort Hold-Open Function

DUBAI, UAE,  -- Fire protection doors with an electro-controlled mechanical closing devise with a sliding guiderail feature is an ideal solution for both commercial and privately owned buildings. The purpose for installation of these systems in any building premise may likely cover a number of preconditions while simultaneously providing access for all users (able bodied, disabled young and old). This requirement thus impacts architects, designers and other stakeholders who, aside from following basic legal compliances to ensure accessibility for all, also address safety concerns to minimize risk for their patrons.

Selecting the right product for each particular installation may also help avoid costly and unnecessary errors or omissions. GEZE provides a tailored solution for electro-controlled mechanical closing devises for doors to meet this overwhelming need to ensure safe and easy access for all.

The new GEZE TS 5000 free swing surface mounted door closers and the GEZE Boxer electro -mechanical free swing concealed door closers versions can be installed on a door as a single component to combine the free swing and the hold-open function. This ensures optimal access for all in day-to-day use without impeding the electro-controlled mechanical closing function of the door in the event of a fire. Once a door has been opened, it can be passed through in either direction without additional force being exerted since the door closer remains under an electrical bias voltage. The comfort hold-open function is a standard feature that enables the door to be simply and easily remaining locked in position at the end of the free swing area without closing in an uncontrolled manner or jamming in a partially closed position - if there is a draught for example. It can also be retro-fitted to existing TS 5000 free swing door closers. Furthermore, the new versions of this electro mechanical door closers are compatible on large single and double-leaf doors.

The new free swing door closers combine powerful closing force with a discreet and modern design. This range of GEZE free swing door closers enable systems to be set up for a wide variety of uses. When they are combined with the GEZE R guide rail with an integrated smoke detector and additional ceiling-mounted detectors they provide a hold-open system for fire and smoke protection that is approved by international building safety compliance. If the new versions are combined with the K 600 retractable arm drive for windows, a ventilation opening for a smoke and heat extraction system is created. It ensures the controlled extraction of smoke in the event of a fire and closes the door securely in normal operation.

The installation of the new free swing door closers is just as simple as for the versions in the previous free-swing door closer range. The electrical connection for the TS 5000 EFS/RFS is now even more inconspicuous and convenient. If the supply wires are concealed, the electrical connections are completely unseen. There is also the option of an easy-to-install electrical connection at the top of the door which can quite easily be clipped into the side cap via a plug connection.

The functionality of hold-open systems may vary depending on the purpose of the building itself. For example, sports venues, football stadiums, office buildings an hospitals may have different prerequisites when it comes to automated door systems. To be able to fulfil a versatile solution for almost every building, GEZE's enhanced range of guide rails can also be customized with a specified closing sequence that allows full mechanical control of doors. Furthermore, the three new guide rail versions facilitate GEZE hold-open systems to be adapted for nearly every installation criteria and structure.

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