Franklin Brazing's PuroBrite(TM) System Guarantees Precision Brazing and Annealing

Lebanon, OH - With over 40 years satisfying customer needs for brazing and annealing in critical aerospace and automotive applications, Franklin Brazing & Metal Treating is a knowledgeable partner to industry. The company has reviewed every aspect of the process of brazing parts to achieve metallurgical bonds that are permanent, clean, and have a bright finish. The resulting system, the PuroBrite(TM) system, preserves the highest corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel parts as well as resulting in maximum-strength joints. In fact, the company achieves more than 99 percent first pass yields. A total system to manage the brazing and annealing processes on stainless steel, carbon steel, and other ferrous alloy parts, the PuroBrite(TM) system is unique to Franklin Brazing.

More than just a name, this trademarked system lowers costs to Franklin Brazing's customers due to fewer rejected parts or scrap. Ideally suited to producing 300 series stainless brazed and annealed parts, the process also yields excellent results on 400 series stainless steels, carbon steel, mild steels, and other ferrous alloys. The benefits of the PuroBrite(TM) system also include on-time delivery, guaranteed.

"Our experience producing better than 99 percent first pass yields with many different parts and types of joints makes it possible for us to assess where there might be difficulties and then to design a proper method from the beginning. Poor joint design can destroy yields before the parts even hit the furnace," said Blake Michaels, President and CEO.

The PuroBrite(TM) system begins with a consultation. Together, Franklin Brazing's team and the customer evaluate the specifications and develop a plan. The brazing of stainless steel needs extra care and attention in order to keep the braze alloy in the joint. The outcome depends on the purest atmospheres so that oxidation does not occur; oxidized surfaces form weaker bonds and destroy the stainless steel's resistance to corrosion. Precise heating and cooling are also part of the PuroBrite(TM) system. The company achieves this by using a continuous belt furnace.

The total system guarantees a bright finish on stainless steel. The shine demonstrates that the parts were clean prior to heat treatment and that the atmospheres used were impeccably pure. Where there are impurities, there is oxidation. Bright parts will have the strongest brazed joints. Franklin Brazing is the only company in the industry to guarantee this. It is also the only company in the industry to publish its yields and delivery performance.

The PuroBrite(TM) system is central to Franklin Brazing's annealing processes too. Annealing is undertaken to restore the grain structure in steel that has lost some of its ductility due to work hardening. It is commonly used to prevent cracking. Annealing using the PuroBrite(TM) process results in consistently uniform grain structures and bright finishes.

Franklin Brazing developed the PuroBrite(TM) system to meet the strength, corrosion resistance, appearance, and the yield and efficiency requirements of stainless steel brazing and heat treating. For more information, please contact or call 800-450-7782.

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Franklin Brazing & Metal Treating is TS16949 and AS9100 certified and was one of the first commercial brazing companies to receive ISO-9002 and QS-9000 certification. We are the only company to guarantee on-time delivery and bright finish. We operate only high-efficiency furnaces with pure atmospheres and have an experienced and dedicated staff ready to solve difficult brazing and annealing problems.

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