Frackvac(TM) High Powered Vacuum Unit

Fracing spoils, flowback and spills have been historically collected using a $300,000-$400,000 air-mover or vacuum truck. Vector Technologies has a better idea, the FrackVac(TM). The FrackVac is a high powered vacuum system mounted on a roll-off trailer platform for quick and easy mobilization. Instead of loading into the air-mover's body, spoils are loaded into readily available vacuum boxes that can be transported to the disposal site utilizing a standard hoist-hook truck. Disposal is at your convenience rather than the vacuum operators.


Overweight truck conditions are eliminated, the vacuum is always on-site and available for both scheduled and unplanned work. Equipment wear and tear is greatly reduced and job safety is increased. An air-mover was never designed for long road miles; it's costly to maintain and even when partially filled is often over the legal weight limit. FrackVacs are available in several models including vacuum systems equal in power to the largest air-movers. And, each model costs considerably less in comparison. Why not switch to a FrackVac?

Why You Should Switch to a FrackVac(TM)

  • Reduce environmental risks with a simple, easy to operate, always present vacuum system

  • Vacuum into readily available vacuum boxes; dump on your timetable

  • Increase available vacuum utilization hours with a full-time, on-site vacuum

  • Operate with lower skilled and more likely available drivers and workers

  • Eliminate the need to send the air-mover/vacuum truck off site for dumping and the
    common "waiting for the truck" experience

  • Reduce acquisition cost by 2/3 as compared to a standard air-mover

  • Reduce operating costs and eliminate the road wear and tear on the vacuum truck

  • Compact and mobile design allows for simplified equipment staging, where needed

  • DOT compliance challenges are reduced as weight overloads are eliminated

  • On-board, high-pressure heated water is optionally offered for sludge liquefying and frac tank cleaning

  • FrackVacs(TM) are available in varied performance levels including power equal to the largest vacuum trucks

    The FrackVac is integrated into a heavy duty roll-off platform (basic hook-truck configuration) for ease of transport. Units in the standard configuration are designed to load into readily available vacuum boxes. Typical uses include the recovery of varied spills and flowback. The FrackVac can also be utilized for frac tank cleaning activities, utilizing a six-inch or five-inch diameter hose or multiple smaller diameter hoses. Vacuuming can be at distances up to 600 feet, with productivity of up to 600 gallons of water per minute. While the standard FrackVac is designed for collecting slurries and other wet material collection using a vacuum box, other Vector systems can easily handle a steady diet of dry materials in addition to liquids and slurries. The VecLoader FrackVac features the rugged construction, user-friendly design and powerful performance that is the hallmark of all Vector vacuums, insuring safe high-efficiency vacuuming with minimal maintenance.

    The FrackVac is manufactured, warranted and serviced by Vector Technologies Ltd., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For over 35 years, Vector has been a leading innovator of hazardous and non-hazardous material handling equipment. FrackVacs offer the quality, innovation, reliability and field-tested features that have made Vector vacuums the proven performance leader around the world.

    Vector Technologies Ltd.

    Vacuum Engineering Division

    6820 N. 43rd Street, Milwaukee WI USA 53209

    Tel: 1.414.247.7100

    Toll Free 1.800.832.4010

    Fax 1.414.247.7110

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