Fox Thermal Instruments Model FT2A Wins Innovation Award

MARINA, Calif. – Flow Control Magazine recently announced the winners of the 2014 Innovation Awards and the Fox Model FT2A has received this honor for its great new design!

The FT2A Thermal Mass Flow Meter is the newly-improved version of the widely popular Model FT2 flow meter, and it features an even more robust design. 

Of the many new design features available with the Model FT2A, accommodating multiple communication options on board the meter is the most groundbreaking.  For this reason, the Model FT2A has won this award.

Most flow meter manufacturers that offer communication options for their meters must house this feature separately or create a meter model specifically for a communication type, but the FT2A allows this to be housed inside the meter itself.

By having the capability to house more than one type of communication protocol in the meter (in fact, the FT2A offers 6 communications options), the FT2A is one of the most versatile meters available on the market.  The user is able to easily select or deselect options for the meter so that it conforms to the needs of the application specifically without any unnecessary features adding extra expenses to the cost. There's no need for the customer to scan the specs of a list of meters to find what they require.


For over 20 years, Fox Thermal Instruments has provided a broad range of reliable, accurate and full-featured flow meters to industrial OEMs and end-user customers. The Fox management group has decades of experience in thermal flow design, application and manufacturing techniques. Our outstanding team of mechanical, electronic and software designers have helped shape the thermal mass flow measurement industry and continue to leverage new materials and technologies to improve instrument functionality, accuracy and reliability. More information on Fox Thermal Instruments can be found at

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