Foster Transformers Power Undersea Manipulators

Cincinnati, OH — Foster Transformer recently produced a pair of transformers to power undersea manipulators on unmanned vehicles. One transformer reduces the umbilical cable voltage from 2500 – 3000 V to provide six isolated 110 V, 4200 VA outputs, and then matched with another transformer at the other end of the unmanned submersible powers the propulsion motors, robotic arms, lights, cameras, and other instrumentation. The matching transformer on the operating end has inputs of 220/380/440 V, 50/60 Hz stepping up to 2500-3000 V. The transformers are placed in a mineral oil bath for cooling and insulation and are impregnated using a thermally conductive epoxy resin to allow travel to the ocean floor. The cable connecting the operator and unmanned submersible can be up to six miles long with a voltage drop proportional to the length of the cable. In addition to this initial research and recovery vessel application, operating an unmanned submersible up to six miles underwater lends itself to a wide range of applications such as Mapping the ocean floor, retrieval of undersea objects, recovery and scrap operations, and more.

Foster Transformer has been making electronic transformers, power supplies, and electromagnetic components for over 75 years. Their corporate headquarters, Engineering Lab and primary manufacturing facility are located in Cincinnati, OH with additional manufacturing capacity available in China. The ability to manufacture their own tooling, fixtures and unique production machinery, allows Foster to provide quick turnaround, start-up. For more information contact Foster Transformer, 3820 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223, (800) 963-9799, or

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