Forrest's Versatile Woodworker II-ATBR Saw Blades

Craftsmen and serious hobbyists praise these 40-tooth 10" and 12" blades - featuring an
Alternate Top Bevel + Raker tooth style-for their ability to do "practically everything."

CLIFTON, New Jersey - Jay Forrest, Vice President of Forrest Manufacturing, announced today that there is a growing demand for the Forrest line of Woodworker II-ATBR blades. He said, "We've been manufacturing these combination blades for quite some time. They have always been a popular choice among trade show attendees because of their proven ability to perform a significant variety of cuts. But it's only been in the last year or two that many woodworkers and serious hobbyists have 'discovered' that these multi-purpose blades are readily available through Forrest's regular distribution channels. This means they can be ordered from our fine-quality dealers and retailers, from catalogs, or direct from our factory here in Clifton, New Jersey."

Mr. Forrest goes on to say, "Our Woodworker II-ATBR blades are extremely versatile. They make excellent rip cuts and crosscuts. They're great for box joints, finger joints, and tenons. And because they perform much like a dado, you get an almost flat bottom. You can rely on them for virtually 90° square bottom grooves with only slight score marks on each side of the cut. The ATBR designation means that every 5th tooth is flat. As a result, these blades consume the wood more quickly and provide a fast, easy feed for thick hardwoods."

A Choice of Four Quality Blades

Forrest offers a choice of four 40-Tooth Woodworker II-ATBR blades. These are available in 10"and 12" versions. The two 10" blades have a 5/8" bore and can be ordered with either a 1/8"kerf (Catalog #WW10406125) or a thinner 3/32" kerf (Catalog #WW10406100). They list for $130 each. The two 12" blades have a 1/8" kerf. However, customers have a choice of either a 1" bore (Catalog #WW12406125) or a 5/8" bore (Catalog #WW12406125A). The two 12" blades are listed at $150 each. In commenting further on why the 40-Tooth Woodworker II-ATBR Blades are so popular, Vice President Forrest says, "Experienced craftsmen have found that these versatile, combination blades make a very desirable and useful addition to any shop. In fact, it is only a slight exaggeration to say these four quality blades are capable of doing practically everything."

Made with C-4 Carbide

Forrest blades are precision-engineered from corrosion-resistant, super-strong C-4 micrograin carbide. This gives them up to 300% longer life between sharpening, compared to other carbide blades. Forrest blades are hand-straightened to ensure perfect flatness. They have exceptional perimeter concentricity and side runout of +/- .001. In addition, Forrest Manufacturing Company offers affordable, state-of-the-art factory sharpening to help woodworkers and hobbyists maintain the life and performance of their saw blades.

Customers know they can order Forrest blades in complete confidence because they come with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

A Proud Commitment to Service and Performance

Founded in 1946, Forrest Manufacturing is a family-owned business. It is committed to maintaining the highest standards of American workmanship and performance. Unlike most of its competitors, Forrest continues to manufacture its blades in the United States.

Many Forrest employees have been with the company for two decades or longer. Regardless of their position, Forrest personnel remain dedicated to giving customers the very best in courteous, knowledgeable service. Craftsmen know they can look to Forrest for leadership, innovation, and superior products.

In addition to its impressive line of Woodworker II blades, Forrest offers a wide variety of custom and specialty products. These include its Signature Line Chop Master, Finger Joint Sets, Duraline Hi-A/T, Concave Face blades, and nonferrous saw blades. Forrest's two most popular products are its Woodworker II line and Dado King. Both of these have received numerous awards and recognition from industry experts who regularly test and review saw blades for quality of cut and cost-to-value ratio.

Forrest blades are available from fine-quality dealers, retailers, and catalogs, as well as direct from the factory. For more information, call 1-800-733-7111 or visit

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